back to article Hells Angels slap London dressmakers with trademark suit

The Hells Angels are apparently going to war with British fashion house Alexander McQueen after accusing the couturiers of infringing on their trademarks. The California-based motorcycle club, whose fearsome reputation includes the sudden and brutal application of trademark lawyers, believes the dressmakers, and its retailers …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Educated people those "Hells Angels"

    Who else uses metonym on one page three times!

    1. Loyal Commenter


      although it;s a good word, 'metonym' is probably not the word they were looking for, since it refers to a proper noun used to refer to another, by association (such as using 'Hoover' to mean any vacuum cleaner). Maybe 'mnemonic' would be more accurate in the first instance, 'metaphor' in the second, and, err, 'name' in the third?

      1. Anonymous Coward

        I have to disagree!

        It means whatever the large gentlemen in the jacket says it means!

        1. Loyal Commenter

          Pfft, They'll have to catch me first

          on their loud slow Harleys that can't take fast corners vs my sports tourer...*

          *Disclaimer to any Hells Angels; this is a joke, please continue to vent your rage at fashion victims who think it is 'cool' to wear your colours without knowing what they represent.

          1. Anonymous Coward

            Slow HDs?


          2. Witty username


            ..cornering using all 4 wheels


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hells do gooders?

    I had to laugh when I saw the following at the bottom of their index page:

    "when we do right nobody remembers, when we do wrong nobody forgets"

    If they are such hardass individualists why do they give a fuck?

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Hells do gooders?

      That was the motto of sub-editors long before those guys adopted it.

      Anyway, the point is I want the McQueen dark silver brass skull ring with a bee on it. And the dress. Thank you Mr Claus.

    2. Tim #3

      no title necessary

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    $495 for a knuckle duster

    No wonder they're pissed off, they've probably been selling them for a lot less.

  4. JaitcH

    Plaintiff, lawyer and enforcement all in one.

    Why bother with the courts?

    A visit from a couple of the boyo's, on their hawgs, should do it. If not, a pipe bomb should complete the job.

    Quicker than the courts, too.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Anon for obvious reasons

    I have partied with various members from UK chapters of the HA, and apart from the Outlaws, the two things the HAMC detest most are people who dress to give the impression that they are members of a backpatch club, and people looking to breech the copyright of the deaths head symbol. Many many moons ago whilst at college I remember seeing an advert in Punch magazine for some brand of alcohol or other, featuring members of a fox hunt with the full 3 piece HA patch set on their backs. I never did find out what happened over this but I never saw that advert in the following month's edition. I can only assume that the HA lawyers, who for tenaciousness put the RIAA/MPAA to shame, acted with their usual ruthless efficiency.

  6. Greg J Preece

    Nothing says rebellion against the system

    Like a lawsuit!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    what a bunch of babies

    AC of course.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    Was is Suicide, or a "Friendly Warning"?

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Remember when the Angels were the 1%ers?

    Now they are just another bunch of greedy, pseudo-corporate tosswits.

    I bet they don't even piss on their own Levis any more.

    1. morphoyle

      Post Fail

      They are simply using the system in which they are trapped. I applaud them for it. No better way to fight a system than from the inside.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    H.A. 2.0

    Lets just hope they don't hold any software patents.

  11. Nebulo

    And that's not all ...

    Better warn them off using "Hell's Grannies" too, or they'll have Monty Python after them.

  12. frank ly


    Due to tiredness or whatever, I misread the article and saw "Hells Angels Jaquard Dress Box". I imagined a chapter member carefully lifting this out of his wardrobe and delicately opening the applique decorated lid to reveal his colours, stored between layers of protective paper; then lovingly taking them out to wear them. It may actually happen somewhere, you never know.

    P.S. Does anyone else think that the Lace Knit Skull Wool Sweater Dress has elements of Aztec design?

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Tiredness....

      One of the other ones is Celtic. It all looks rather Giger to me.

      1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

        Re: Re: Tiredness....

        And I still like that ring even if I would get my finger chopped off for sporting it.

        Anyway, it's got a bee on it so I could argue... that.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fashion madness

    I readily admit I am no fashion follower, but surely as sad as it is that Mr Mcqueen is dead doesn't this have a negative effect on his ability to design clothes?

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Fashion madness

      It's his company and brand. Versace still exists despite Versace's death. So.

  14. Just Thinking

    Nobody likes getting ripped off

    The fashion house would be quick enough to take action if someone used one of their trademarks.

    They even dress it up (npi) as a"crime" so that the police/trading standards take action at public expense. At least the HA are paying for their own lawyer.

    1. The Beer Monster

      Spot on

      Trademarks are trademarks and should be protected. The fact that this one belongs to the HA is irrelevant.

      I'm sure there'd be enough people screaming (no pun intended) if it was dealt with in a non-legal fashion.


      The Beer Monster

      81 Supporter.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Not just that...

    ""This isn't just about money, it's about membership," Hells Angels lawyer Fritz Clapp told the New York Post. "If you've got one of these rings on, a member might get really upset that you're an imposter.""

    If you're wearing colours a member of a rival gang might also tend to get upset. Some of these gangs tend to get upset in a very demontrative fashion.

    1. multipharious

      You ain't kidding around there...

      You nailed it here. People think it is all style and a bit of fun. "Haha, I am so cool! Look at my Hell's Angels kit."

      If anyone else out there doesn't know just how deadly serious can be then you have no idea at all about this stuff...and that enough should be cause for alarm. The individual members would never even look at you twice under normal circumstances.


      Stay away from stuff like this. It is not a f%cking Halloween costume. Hell's Angels, Pagans, Outlaws, and others may very well go out of their way to kill you if you are not permitted to wear their colors (and that includes t-shirts.) You can be certain about a confrontation. You may think it's a joke, but they certainly don't and neither do their local enemies...especially if chapters are hostile. And I promise you, they will spot their colors and those of other gangs as if it were flashing in neon.

      1. The Beer Monster


        Don't get one of these either...

        1. multipharious


          Nothing says kill me like wearing a vest you have not earned. Cannot say I recognize this group, but I am no pro here.

          The patch type and designs would definitely get attention from other club members and law enforcement alike.

          1. The Beer Monster

            re: Haha!

            Oh, it's completely fictional, but it'd get you noticed!

      2. Burch

        T shirts

        Except for the official ones they sell.

  16. The Beer Monster


    McQueen website message.

    "Site is being updated"....

    I suspect the infringing items have been removed.

  17. LaeMing

    Talk about...

    A bunch of trendites prancing around in motorcycle colours. Talk about trademark dilution!

  18. Sam Therapy
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    multipharius isn't joking

    I have a few Hell's Angels as mates. I'm not a member so I could never, under any circumstances, wear their gear. The only people who should wear it are the Angels themselves or anyone with suicidal tendencies. I was told as much when I asked to borrow a mate's jacket.

    I am, however, looked after royally when out with them. Good lads in my book.

    1. Benedict

      this is my title

      "good lads"?

      You think people who are liable to physically assault strangers just because they are wearing the same clothes are "good lads"?

      sound like twats to me.

      1. The Beer Monster

        tell you what...

        You try going to a military function wearing a uniform and badges that you haven't earned and see what happens.

        1. Benedict

          another title

          Maybe they would act like twats too. What's your point? Even if you wore a police uniform you wouldn't expect a beating, just arrest.

          1. The Beer Monster


            Your expectations of what would happen and what would actually happen are two separate things.

            Anyone pretending to be a police officer/fireman/pilot/soldier/sailor/club member in the presence of police officers/firemen/pilots/soldiers/sailors/club members who gets caught out will get dealt with by the police officers/firemen/pilots/soldiers/sailors/club members.

            That is not just the way it is, it's the way it has always been.

          2. multipharious

            @Benedict - Tigers

            Why don't you put on a tiger outfit and go out in the jungle to play. I agree that in concept you are correct. I mean if you don't fit in with the tigers you should not be discovered out there by them and then eaten, and if you are not an actual tiger you should not be mistaken for a man-eater and shot...but perhaps you are missing the point that you are the dumbass that is masquerading about in a tiger outfit - not being one and all.

            There are certain lines you just ought to leave alone unless you are spoiling for a fight. Why assert your demand for self-determined civilization and your right to wear whatever you wish when the consequences can be higher than you think in a very real world...with your very real life.

            I wish you safety, happiness, and long life Benedict, and this is meant sincerely. Not meaning to take a swipe at you. I hope you get it.

  19. multipharious

    spot on.

    Lot of good folks in the motorcycle community that would give the shirt off their backs to help someone they feel is a brother. I never prospected.

    Keep it between the ditches and the rubber side down.

  20. FozzyBear


    One of the few that has any idea on this subject at all considering all the commentators here. Well actually the only one.

    Ah the ol' prawn and porn nights. legendary!

  21. pctechxp

    DIY justice

    I'm sure if the court case fails they will just enforce it themseoves by paying a visit to the company HQ.

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