back to article Yahoo! unfurls revamped Yahoo! mail beta

Yahoo! has released a beta of its latest Yahoo! Mail update, claiming that the web-based email service is at least two times faster than previous versions. Rebuilt "from the ground up," the Yahoo! Mail beta offers a new interface, integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo! Updates, a revamped search tool, and an automatic …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Please, Please..

    .. can I have a big button that says "Mail Only" and turns off all the socializing crap? I don't want to live in my mailbox - I'm not a sparrow.

  2. Stewart Wood

    Yet another Mailk beta yahoo?

    They didn't even complete the last one

  3. jake Silver badge

    "Try it now"? No.

    That is all.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Big Mistake!

    How the hell do I turn this off?

    Before you agree to try the 'Beta' it tells you that you can easily go back to mail classic.

    That is obviously untrue as I have spent nearly an hour trying to find a way to turn it off. :-(

  5. Anonymous Coward

    FAIL! ... continues

    How flaky?

    further to previous post.

    Having given up and closed YAHOO! MAIL! BETA!

    then reopened it I now see

    'help' > 'Return to Original Mail'

    WTF ???

    and the privacy settings / IM activation ? WTF

    And AdblockPlus complaining about the potential for xss insecurity.

    Don't they test with one of the most popular browser extensions in use?

    And platform detection - Linux is not supported ??? WTF this is a BROWSER based service

    And the Browser detection - 'YAHOO! suggests you upgrade to Firefox 3.6' when the version in use is 3.6.10

    I could go on ....

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Just tried it...



    They seem to have lost the "Check other email accounts" option.

    The To: field replaces what I type with an incorrect name (it truncates the second word) -- I'd prefer an option to let me see exactly what is being used.

    I cannot login to Yahoo Messenger from Ymail anymore. I quite liked that (even though it was a bit unreliable).

    I would prefer to have the "formatting" bar active by default when composing a message.

    I don't like it that I now cannot expand the message to the right, temporarily hiding the advert.

    The email editor allows you to paste embedded pictures into messages (which is something I was hoping for) but Ymail doesn't send them!!

    The look and feel is ok. I'm sure I'd get used to it. Once they've fixed the above issues.

    And, oh yes... the feedback page doesn't work!!

  7. DrXym

    What about the spam filtering

    I would put up with a Yahoo Mail that was two times SLOWER if they'd fix their shitty (does it even exist?) spam filter. The amount of crap their webmail client fails to catch is not acceptable especially compared GMail which has excellent filtering.

  8. Bracknellexile

    POP goes the mailbox

    Seems they changed some of their POP settings in the process too. Had to reconfigure my local mail client which has been failing to get mail from Yahoo! for the last 24 hours, despite it turning up quite happily on the Blackberry.

    The list of settings on the Yahoo help page is definitely not the same as the, formerly working, config I had. Then again, this was the first time I'd actually logged in at the Yahoo! website in about 18 months. All I want is what is now a legacy mail account, not all the slow, buggy, pointless crud that goes with it.


    Yahoo! Mail Beta is supported only on recent versions of Windows and Mac OS.

    How do you call a new web mail service that has operating system dependency ?

    What Operating System are your typical early technology adopters running ?

    It could be worse, at least I don't have to install Silverlight or Mono ... Oooh, wait ...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    have they included free POP/SMTP?

  11. Merchman

    Screen resolution

    Looks like they have managed to alienate anyone using a netbook or similar:

    "Your screen resolution is set below our minimum recommendation of 1024 x 768 pixels"

  12. skeptical i
    Thumb Down

    Can I send to 150 of my closest friends in one shot yet?

    I can not recommend YahooFail for use for community projects or other activity that requires occasional "blasts" to a list of greater than 25 addresses, since it assumes that anyone sending to a large number MUST be a spammer (and not, say, a small business owner emailing a customer list, a school teacher emailing students and parents, a non- profit emailing its volunteers, or someone else with a non-assholic reason for doing so). Given that the object of the TwitBook game seems to be to collect as may "friends" as possible in order to blast them with useless drivel, I am a bit surprised that YahooFail has such a low trigger point. I kvetched about this on their "feedback" widget and suspect it got roundfiled.

    As was stated above, they need a "just plain mail -- no bells, no whistles, no freaking TwitBook or IM" option ... I shudder to think of choking all THAT crap down the dialup pipe.

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