back to article Sage Pay says sorry for upgrade shambles

Sage Pay has apologised for an upgrade of its systems that left many of its 32,000 customers in the UK and Ireland unable to process transactions on Monday. The problems, which rendered the payment processor's core system intermittently unavailable on Monday and continued to produce complaints on Tuesday, have been resolved, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Sagepay fails.

    "but I hope you'll appreciate that it will take time to do so in the manner our customers should expect of us." . Time? it doesn't take any time to do what your customers expect you to do, which is.. /ignore

  2. Anonymous Coward

    See icon for details

    Why is it SagePay can't seem to ever manage an update without making a complete b*lls up of it?

  3. Daryl

    That's nothing - you just wait...

    SagePay/Protx falling over? It must be Christmas.

    Every Christmas in fact. Without fail. You can set your calendar by it.

    There'll be more pain to come, mark my words.

    Valium at the ready!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Situation Normal

    We don't use SagePay but Sage Line 50. I have stopped updating to the latest version as I'm fed up with my company being bug-testers. We always stay at least one version behind and then can download and install all the 'updates' at once.

  5. katie scarlett

    What's new then?

    I hated Sage since I laid my eyes on it some years ago, and since then I hear it progressively got worse. But they have good advertising!

  6. Andrew Holt


    Oh dear, I feel outnumbered here :-s

    Aside from some problems now and again, I've found Sage Pay to be quite good and a pleasure to work with (as a web developer)! I will admit that the new admin design could do with some tweaking to make it more user friendly (not everyone's quick on the uptake) but I think it's a well needed improvement on the old system.

  7. Mat Peck

    An Update from Sage Pay

    We've been listening to all of the feedback received over the past few days, and so the night before last we contacted all Sage Pay customers and partners (and our developer community) to let them know that we’'ll offer the option to either continue using the new My Sage Pay interface, or revert to the old version. This option will be available in the next week.

    Whilst we're retro-fitting the old My Sage Pay application to our new infrastructure, we're also continuing to evolve and improve the new interface to incorporate the requests we've received from our customers. We’ve already had some really positive feedback on this work, as well as our decision to offer both user interfaces, and we'll of course continue to listen and work hard to ensure our customers are happy.

This topic is closed for new posts.