back to article Ellison accuses HP boss of espionage

Larry Ellison is raising the temperature of his fight with HP by accusing its new CEO Leo Apotheker of running a spying scheme against Oracle when he was boss of SAP. Oracle and SAP will meet in court on Monday. Ellison said Oracle would subpoena Apotheker, ex-boss of SAP, to appear, if he had the guts to go to HP's …


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  1. Neal 5

    And Mr Hurd has to say


    Ooh, if only I could think in a sneeky way.

  2. Bilgepipe


    <scouser>Calm down, calm down.</scouser>

  3. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Steal it?

    "scheme centering on the repeated theft of massive amounts of Oracle's software."

    Why did he steal it, you can download it for free from the Oracle OTN download site?!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I've often wondered this

      I've often wondered this too - the only thing I can think is that it wasn't just centred around the software itself; I believe the accused also allegedly stole support documentation, knowledgebase articles, etc, which isn't publicly accessible.

  4. ratfox
    Paris Hilton

    Children in the schoolyard

    Did not! Did too!

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Oracle & HP - Knock it off, you guys!

    Stop acting like a bunch of self-centered jerks and act like responsible professionals running $100B businesses...

    Oh - I forgot. Never mind.

  6. FozzyBear

    I love it

    It's a hellva alot better than the usual legal crap they fling at each other for patent infringements

    fight!, Fight!, fight! fight!

  7. Rex Alfie Lee

    Hypocrisy Larry, that's truly funny...

    Talk about a comedian & hypocrisy. Larry is accusing someone else of corporate espionage when Oracle, courtesy of Larry & his band of mermaids are suing Google after how long since buying Sun Microsystems?

    If this isn't a form of corporate espionage, the purchase & then sudden litigation, then I'm confused...

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