back to article Crown Paint probed by ICO for 'possible' online data breach

A website owned by Crown Paint is being investigated for a “possible data breach”, after Register readers spotted that the company’s customer database was published in full online. We contacted the firm this morning to alert it to the major data protection snafu on its site, but at time of writing …


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  1. dit-dit-dit-dah

    Too late...

    The good news: they've taken the site down already.

    The bad news: The customer list was crawled by google.

  2. Alan B

    Website not there now

    They've obviously taken the site down, as it is no longer reachable.

  3. ADJB

    No breach of trust

    "We promise not to share your details with anyone else."

    Perfectly true - It doesn't say anything about everybody else......

  4. Anonymous Coward

    One that got away first

    "I bought a 5 litre can of mixed paint from your Wellingborough depot on

    Tuesday.Arrived home and found all paint on boot floor after lid came

    off. Was told my problem as had lrft your depot O.K. Area manager did

    re-supply paint however I still have ruined boot liner and paint on car

    boot walls. Why no clips put on cans?Not very happy-would like some

    redress and cans with clips in future. Please reply asap"

    "I've been a thick twat and want you to pay me"

  5. Anne-Lise Pasch
    Thumb Up

    Free Access

    "You have the right to request a copy of the personal information that we hold about you, upon payment of a fee. Please address any requests to Crown Paints Limited at the contact address set out below."

    Well, screwing up is almost a public service then.

    1. Jeremy 2

      It may as well go on to say...

      "Alternatively, just type your name and [something else *cough*] into Google for convenient, free, and instant access!"

  6. Syn1c

    Keep calm and carry on.

    Do BT still publish phone books?

    1. Tony Barnes

      Yes BT do

      But you can choose to be ex directory.

      Plus you don't put your email details up online for spambots to find

      Plus you don't get the world to see that you are a plonker, as per quote above....!

    2. Anonymous John


      But they don't include your email address, and your appallingly uncoordinated colour scheme..

      Mine's the paint-splattered one.

    3. Anonymous Coward


      No idea.

      But if they do, it would be printed and so not covered by the legislation that Crown fall down on.

  7. Sirius365

    Looks like someone needs a good pasteing

    Like to see how they will gloss all over this one...

    1. mhoulden

      Re: Looks like someone needs a good pasteing

      What are the chances it'll just be a whitewash?

  8. Anonymous Coward


    It'll be a whitewash.

  9. Paul Johnston

    Not as bad as!

    One time sponsor of Liverpool FC I think!

  10. irish donkey

    Clearly a 4Chan Anonymous hack

    opps...... of course it wasn't a hack it was just a £uckwit in charge.

    I sort of expected better from Crown.

    Wonder if this will be on the news? expect not!

  11. Andy The Hat Silver badge

    A mixed metaphorical fix?

    Did they not bother to fix it or were they trying to paint over the cracks?

    Maybe the problem just varnished?

    Perhaps the problem has been brushed under the matt?

    I should be decorated for that one ...

    It's been a boring day ... like watching paint dry ...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still shows ...

    via google cache. All you have to do it type into google : complaints

    The first link cache shows the info.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Crown Privacy Policy - What privacy and What Policy

    From the Crown Privacy Policy - "Para 4.1 - Once we have received your information, we will use strict procedures and security features to try to prevent unauthorised access."

    Clearly very good Procedures.

    I bet ££££ the ICO will do nothing about this at all.

    1. irrelevant

      Oh they tried...

      .. just not very hard.

  14. Typo

    News about Crown ..

    .. are primed for all the old paint puns

  15. #HM#
    Thumb Up

    The Medicine

    Nice to see the author of:

    "Hi, could you please email me the contact details and email address' of Mr X and Mr Y? I wish to introduce my company to them with the intention of becoming a supplier of security equipment installation, maintenance and monitoring. Many thanks in anticipation of your co-operation."

    getting a taste of his own medicine.

  16. Zap

    Ooops Tiny Crown2210

    Hilarious, now come on, stand up if you have never made an IT mistake, yeah right.

    Not only does google cache it but Tiny URL have shortened it.

    I liked the brailian girl Daniela, she sounds HOT!

    Amazing insight into the crap that people leave on websites, I would l love to see a comedian or radio station call some of these people up and pretend to be Crown.

    "Yes Mrs X we know our "breatheasy" paint appeared on BBC Watchdog, it is unfortunate that you have painted it in every room in your house. Unfortunately the fumes have no smell so we suggest you go stay at a hotel on us, yes we will pay for everything and repaint your house too"

  17. Colin Millar

    That's not their only problem

    That site tries to run the activex control name.dll

    Can't be a good thing

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