back to article Dixons risks future of humanity with Star Wars-themed ads

Dixons has put the future of humanity at risk by beaming a series of ads featuring Star Wars refugees C-3PO and R2-D2 into deep space. The campaign touts its Currys and PCWorld chains. The electronics chain's latest ads will feature the droid pair - including original C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels - breaking into one of the …


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  1. Tom_


    I can't see it helping the image of Dixons too much to have it associated with a very old, childrens' film.

    1. DrunkenMessiah
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      Well now...

      Are you trying to compete for the most downrated comment ever? This must come close.

      1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

        Re: Well now...

        But it is a children's film... that's what Lucas set out to make. Same as Harry Potter is a children's book. Innit.


        1. DrunkenMessiah

          Re: Re: Well now...

          I'll agree on the second point but never on the first! NEVER!

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            ... true Star Wars is for kids

            Just as been suggested previously if you are an adult and really really must read Harry Potter in public you should do the decent thing cover up ..... suitable coverings being Big and Bouncy, Lost in Latex , complete expose - Mud, Pugil sticks and babes, The Sunday Sport etc.

            If you just have to back catalogue your Star wars collection make sure you have it suitably labelled suggestions being the Complete Linda Lovelace, Debbie does Dallas, and so forth.

            1. Ted Treen

              Enough of this, already...

              I've just entered my seventh decade:-

              I LIKE Star Wars.

              I LIKE Clangers.

              I LIKE Tom & Jerry.

              I LIKE Roobard & Custard.

              Growing old is a matter of time.

              Growing up is a matter of choice.

              1. It wasnt me
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                aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhh !!!!!!!

                "Growing up is a matter of choice."

                Correct. But you can still stay young without using 'already' as a fucking full stop. Maintain some dignity.

                Already is an adverb. People on the reg message boards use it as punctuation.

                Listening to a 60-something talking like a 12 year old retard is like watching your uncle dance at a wedding.

                You should know better.

                I feel better now. Downvoting me will make me relax further.

  2. Winkypop Silver badge

    1977 technology

    Oooh look R2, an eight-track player!

  3. MacroRodent

    Hurry up!

    With all these ill-considered beamings of stupid stuff to interstellar space, we had better accelerate technological development so that we will be properly armed when the aliens arrive to toast us...

  4. Gusty O'Windflap

    these are not the electrical goods stores you are looking for

    It does seem odd that they should choose star wars characters, or maybe the marketing people thought "ah the people who grew up on star wars will have their houses and white goods but perhaps the washing machine is getting old and they need a replacement about now"

    It worked for Citreon and the C4, all those Transformers fans now at an age where they are earning with a family on the way etc.

    "By the way, if anyone here is in marketing or advertising...kill yourself. Thank you. Just planting seeds, planting seeds is all I'm doing" - Bill Hicks

  5. DrXym

    Beep boop

    C3PO - "Look all these bargains!"

    R2D2 - "Beep eee beep boop!" (Transaction: "C3PO you really are one stupid bastard if you'd pay these ripoff prices. And don't get me started about the extended warranty!)

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Utter poop!

    Dixons marketing director Niall O’Keeffe told trade rag Marketing Week: "This is about building our retail brands, not price promotions. We’re a completely different organisation than we were four years ago. This is a symbol of the transformation of Dixons.”


    It's about having no fugging original ideas for an ad campaign and renting someone else's property to promote your own sad tat. Loads of talented and creative people out there I'm sure quite few would have lept at the chance to come up with a good and original campaign!

    You wonder why people rip off media when the best the so called creative types can come up with these days is to rehash classic ideas!

    1. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

      C'mon now just look at this guy's words...

      "This is about building our retail brands" - WTF does this even mean?

      "We’re a completely different organisation than we were four years ago" - no you're not, you still sell overpriced electrical goods and even more overpriced extended warranties on the overpriced electrical goods.

      "This is a symbol of the transformation of Dixons." - There may be a planet somewhere in a galaxy far far away where this sentence actually has some semantic content, but here, now, on Earth, it means precisely fuck all.

  7. Andy 97

    Queue Comic Book Guy - type comments

    They must have sold lots of extended warranties to have paid for all those rights.

  8. hplasm

    Lizard Planet Saxe-Coburg - near future:

    Lizard1: "Your Enormity! the scanners have just picked up a broadcast! It may be a new food source..."

    Lizard2: "Fool! Look at the backward technology. These are not the meaty food creatures we are looking for.-That wheeled dustbin is quite good though."

  9. Adam Salisbury


    As if advertising isn't already insulting, patronising, condescending and invasive we're now inflicting it on the rest of the universe!?!! Whether or not there's anyone out there eyeing up this blue-green bag of pepprami sticks we call home it just seems like we're being noisy neighbours now, blaring jibbersh out the windows with reckless abandon!

    It beggars belief that the boffins haven't thought about carefuly enough, besides there are far better things to beam into space than Dixons ads!

    1. CD001


      If you're a hyper-intelligent, spacefaring shade of the colour blue - you may just decide to get rid of the source of the annoying adverts by, oh I dunno, getting someone to destroy the planet to make way for a new inter-galactic bypass.

  10. dogged
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    We all remember the Ice Cream Maker Guy, surely?

  11. Anonymous Coward

    whatever they do

    service still sucks

  12. andy gibson

    Star Wars characters

    Seriously, is it 1977? Why now?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      For Serious?

      What hole have you been living in? Starwars is bigger in the kid scene now than it was in 1977.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That George Lucas eh? What a sell out.

    As if StarWars(TM) was ever about the money.

  14. The BigYin
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    If Dixons were... OS, they'd be Windows. Overpriced, under-performing and just a bit pants to be honest.

  15. LuMan

    Advanced Technology??

    C-3PO: "Look, Artoo. A 3D television!"


    <translation: HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! What a load of bantha pudu! I've got an effin' HOLOGRAM player built-in!"

  16. Anonymous Coward

    pepperami sticks?

    Corn dogs, I think you'll find.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If you want to see stuff from 'A long time ago' and interact with the dead - visit Dixons.

  18. DrXym

    A better Star Wars ad

    Tunes did the best Star Wars ad:

  19. Lloyd

    It's retro

    Maybe DSG are harking back to the seventies when they were competitive and customer service meant something to them, rather than the alleged price fixing shambles they are now.

  20. Badbob

    It must be 1977...

    because who the **** are Dixons? I remember them, but there are users of this website younger than me thinking "Who/What is Dixons?", "Who is George Lucas?" "What is a Washing Machine?".

    Wasn't that brand name consigned to the depths of the internet (and oddly, the Folkestone Eurotunnel terminal) years ago, being replaced with the rapidly disappearing and bizarrely named Currys.Digital shops.

    I have noticed that the DSG International plc website is now "Dixons Retail", why? That brand name is dead (except for said retail website), so if the company must be renamed, why not as Currys Group or something that has some resemblance to your actual business.

    Similar ideas would be renaming the parent company of O2 as "Cellnet" or even better the parent company of B&Q, Kingfisher being renamed as "Woolworths plc".

  21. AlistairJ

    You are all upvoted

    Story was amusing but the comments up to 14:29 - priceless.

    New keyboard, stat!

  22. pctechxp

    Dixons, the Death Star of electrical retailing

    'nuff said

  23. Darkwolf


    ... if those in space got nothing else to watch then earth broadcasts, really gotta feel sorry for them.

    Of course one of the first if not THE first broadcasts they would have seen would have been Hitlers speach during the 1936 Summer Olympics.

  24. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse


    "This is about building our retail brands, not price promotions. We’re a completely different organisation than we were four years ago. This is a symbol of the transformation of Dixons.”

    Maybe that is what they think. But 4 years ago Dixons were a retailer of electrical tat, and as far as I can tell - 4 years later they are still a retailer of electrical tat.

    What do they seriously think has changed in the publics perception of their shops?

  25. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

    I for one...

    welcome our tumble drier using smoothie making bread baking alien lizard overlords...

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