back to article Local Spanish press embrace PARIS

Rather agreeably, El Reg's audacious Paper Aircraft Released Into Space project has been honoured with a page in provincial paper El Diario de Avila. The publication got word that we were planning to launch from the Peña Negra, close to Piedrahíta, and swiftly cleared page 32 to give us a bit of coverage. Here's the piece in …


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  1. Annihilator


    "The El Reg powers that be apparently believe that, when we hacks are not launching space planes, we'll be filing our usual quota of top-quality stories. Having sampled a couple of glasses of said vino, I have my doubts."

    Really? I assumed most of your top-quality stories were written while sampling Spain's finest :-) How else would you come up with the idea to put a paper plane into space??

    Fingers crossed for clear skies during your launch/lunch windows! Go PARIS

  2. Tim #3

    Poor Rui

    You could at least have bought him a new dress to wear for his Spanish press debut.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Good point

      Rui's slinky little number would have added a certain classiness to the story don't you think? Public relations are everything Lester.

  3. Jimmy Floyd

    Complain to the paper

    Rather disappointed that they used the name 'The Register' in the article and not the surely more appropriate moniker of 'El Reg...'

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'improbable amounts of epoxy and beer'

    With the glue as a chaser?

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      @Mike Richards

      Careful, you'll have the lads at Debretts onto you there. Epoxy is an aperitif.

      Impact Adhesive is a chaser......

  6. DZ-Jay

    Article translation

    For those who don't read Spanish, below is my own translation.



    "A Very Light Flight"

    On 23rd October, a paper airplane constructed in the locality of Los Narros, will launch from Peña Negra to take pictures that will be broadcast in England.


    The next 23rd of October, a paper airplane, constructed in its entirety in the Abulense locality of Los Narros, will take off from Peña Negra, in Piedrahíta, carrying on board sophisticated photography equipment programmed to take instant pictures of our fields every four seconds from the sky.

    The plane, which has been christened "Vulture 1", is approximately 1.10 meters long by .50 meters wide, and weighs around 500 grams. The estimated height of flight will be around 20,000 meters.

    To get to this altitude, a weather balloon will serve as carrier; though it is of note to mention that the balloon is set to self-destroy after climbing by itself once the airplane is released. Before this, it will also release a box containing more cameras, and some video recording equipment. The released box will descend with the help of a parachute, and a ground crew will follow the plane using a GPS and radio system while another team will follow the falling box with similar equipment. The flight of both pieces is estimated to cover, prior to landing, a 50 Km radius from the peak of Peña Negra.

    The English team of The Register ( through their correspondent Lester Haines, published a few months ago the flight of another weather balloon that had been launched from England; the idea stuck with their readers, and through e-mails and SMS, they convinced The Register to endeavor on a similar project.

    The project has been christened with the name PARIS.

    The development and assemblage of the airplane has been done completely in the locality of Los Narros, very close to El Barco de Avila; although for technical reasons, some hipobaric tests have been performed in London.

    What's expected from this project conceived by Lester Haines, correspondent of The Register in Spain and resident of Los Narros; is to obtain a wide collection of aerial photographs and video clips of the region to offer their readers throughout the entire world. Haines, who specialises in Science topics, lives for the past six years in El Barco de Avila locality and has dedicated countless hours to complete the preparations for this flight. "My intention is to promote the rural areas to prevent their gradual depopulation."

    1. MeRp


      Isn't the goal more like 30,000 meters? Or has it changed?

  7. Vincent Ballard

    Nice spin

    The aim is really to encourage Brits to move to Ávila, is it? Did your publicist not dare put "because we can" are the reason?

    1. Lester Haines (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

      Re: Nice spin

      Yes. Come to Avila. We have mountains, meat products and a couple of Brits with helium.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        @Lester Haines, re: meat products

        You'll never get Brits to live in Spain, they have sausages with real meat in them. Last time I had an English sausage it was like eating what I can only describe as a condom filled with lumpy porridge.

        1. Lester Haines (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

          Re: @Lester Haines, re: meat products

          Spot on. I thought I missed British sausages until I tried one after a year without a traditional fry-up. It's a sobering moment when you realise that what you thought was one of your country's great contributions to international cuisine is indeed a prophylactic stuffed with soggy bread and ground pig's head derivatives.

          1. DZ-Jay

            @Lester Haines

            I'm sorry to hear that; a "sobering moment" is never a good thing. Where's that Spanish vino?


            1. Geoff 25


              Does it go well with pork scratchings though?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Good luck El Reg

    All the best for Saturday we are all hoping that PARIS goes down on you gently.

    Lot's of Love

    Your readers.

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