back to article sells for $13m

The storied domain name is set to be sold for $13m, The Register has learned. Bankrupt Escom LLC's current owner, has sealed a deal to hand over the domain to a company called Clover Holdings Ltd, according to documents filed this week in a California court. Escom purchased the domain from its previous owner …


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  1. Jimmy Floyd

    Recover the theft?

    I never did understand why it took so much time and so much effort to recover the domain after its theft.

    Network Solutions, for I believe it was they who were fooled by Cohen's letter ordering the name transferred, could easily have reversed what they must have known was a mistake. The courts, equally, were damn slow in enforcing the obvious. Five years to recover a simple, obvious theft?!?

    Yes, I know these were early days in the public consciousness for the Internet, but there did seem to be an awful lot of muppetry involved.

  2. Trev 2

    Re. recovering the domain

    Having spent about 2 months trying to get Network Solutions to release a domain by request of the owner I'm also rather amazed that they released it by a single letter. Maybe things were different back then, but they really wouldn't lose it these days.

    As for the domain itself, I'm not sure it's really worth that kindof money as back in the early days people would probably type it in when looking for anything remotely porn related, but now there's Google for that so can it really make the money back anymore?

    Regarding the mysterious company who bought it - whats the betting it'll turn out this is related to one of the people from the company who currently "own" it and very likely one of the people who sent them into bankrupcy in the first place.

    1. Joseph Slabaugh
      Paris Hilton

      Re: mysterious company

      I was thinking the same thing as far as this possibly being some LLC just like Escom, and maybe even one owned by Mike Mann.

  3. bruceld


    Todays internet is quite different. I mean if anyone wants porn, they can find it anywhere whether its professional or amateur. No one needs to pay for it as everything is available free for a dozen, and why anyone would need to buy products from this domain makes absolutely no sense anymore.

    I can see the value of this domain becoming less and less over time, and it sounds like whoever is dumping the domain realizes this and wants to turn a profit while they can leave the being the chump.

    1. Marcus Aurelius

      Domain value

      The thing is that this domain, if properly set up, would be top (or close to it) of the heap on any Google search for sex related material or products. As a huge proportion of internet searches are for such items, the value of this domain should theoretically be immense. I am surprised that it has not been converted to a huge money opportunity, as the range of activities that could be hung off it cover everything from porn to toys,magazines etc to dating.

  4. Ginolard

    So seedy.

    Is it really so hard to splash on a bit of cologne and go and actually TALK to a domain name? Pay it a few compliments, buy it a drink maybe?

    People who pay for are just sad, seedy losers!

    1. Hans 1

      So seedy?

      Maybe it can do stuff to you an ordinary domain name would not ....

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