back to article BT quietly recalls shocky adapters

BT is quietly sending out replacements for Comtrend adapters, warning users of dodgy models not to touch them if they can't be disconnected first. The telecommunications company is recalling the ethernet-over-mains networking boxes on the grounds that the casing can disintegrate, and tells users to switch off the mains …


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  1. bettername


    Hmm... I've had two sets of those adapters turn duff on me after a couple of months (thanks BT for sending out a second Vision package for no reason, out of the blue!) and I know of someone else whose adapters "just died". Related? Mind you, it didn't hurt when I pulled them out of the socket...

  2. Cameron Colley

    RAPEX, really?

    I don't think they thought that name through. Perhaps I can suggest the slightly less menacing SURPRISESEX?

  3. Paul M 1


    "Quiet" isn't the word for it!! I received a set of these new ones and this article is the first I've heard about why. Well done BT for keeping us informed...

  4. Wize

    My local radio ham goes nuts about these devices.

    Apparently they get past the usual EMC compatibility checks by getting tested as an individual unit, not as a pair talking to each other.

    I've thought about buying some and bribing his neighbour a few quid to plug them in.

    1. Wize


      If you knew him, you'd do it too.

  5. marksalter

    A long time coming and no need for RAPEX?

    This problem was perhaps first brought to the attention of BT by this customer:-

    Way back in February 8(

    Currently a RAPEX report is not needed as the DHP10F devices with the casing fault :-


    ...these particular products have only been supplied to BT

    for use in the UK, the recall does not affect Comtrend products supplied

    in the EU. There is no requirement for a Rapex notification to be

    issued where measures taken relating to the risks cannot go beyond the



    1. Mage


      Ireland and a few other places use UK plugs. Kenya?

      Ireland is in EU, though Kenya isn't.

      What about Gibraltar or Malta?

      Some ex-UK colonies are still on the 15A Round ones though! (South Africa?)

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Other places that use UK plugs

        Mainly around half of the Commonwealth members.

      2. Allan George Dyer

        and Hong Kong

        I was looking at some ethernet-over-mains adapters in a shop yesterday, but I don't think they were Comtrend.

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  7. Anonymous Coward


    "hopefully less prone to electrocuting people"

    Now why did the bofh in me scream the opposite?

    Especially seeing as, by definition, the owners of these devices are BT customers. Electrocution should be the norm, surely :)

    Now, where did I put that cattle prod?

  8. David Barrett


    I have 2 of these and have heard nothing from BT about it.... No replacements, nothing... Guess a call is in order.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    BT Freebies!

    I've just had new ones through the post this morning - shame my old ones had failed and I'd replaced them with Netgear ones.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    Sounds more like mains-over-ethernet!

  11. Mage


    Cat5e Cable

    pair of WiFi Bridges.

  12. Sonny Jim

    Re: Alternatives

    But, but but I have a 6000 year old house with walls made of 6ft thick concrete and I couldn't possibly run anything as brash as a piece of cable around the skirting boards!


    The worst thing about this are the hypocritical idiots who refuse to see a problem with these devices crapping all over the RF spectrum:

    PLT User: I can't use WiFi as my neighbours signals crap all over mine, so I NEED to use PLT.

    Me: So, rather then using a proven, reliable, cheap, simple to install technology such as CAT-5/6, you're going to buy some poorly designed kit to crap all over some elses RF spectrum?

    /slow claps

  13. Fihart

    Chocolate Teapot

    Bought a pair of Comtrend DH10PF (not in the safety recall but BT are taking them back anyway) brand new at carboot sale. Could barely get them to connect and very slow when they did -- terrible interference on audio equipment.

    To be fair a similar Netgear product was better (no interference) but near impossible to set up.

    This technology is convenient when it works -- but generally it doesn't.

    Can't imagine why BT ever got involved with it.

  14. Emo


    They gonna contact all the sellers/buyers on ebay too then?

  15. Oli 1


    Never had a problem with ethernet-over-mains adaptors. i bought two sets of the develo 85mb version when they first came out and im still using them today, they allow me to stream HD video with no problem. i have no audio interefearance and i run a recording studio in the same room as one of the adaptors. i guess some kit is better than others when it comes to the RF leakage?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      You'll hear no audio interference because the frequencies generated are not in the audio spectrum. HF isn't 20Khz, it's more like 28Mhz. *Most* people's ears can't actually hear that kind of frequency -if you can though, you'll save a ton on buying CB equipment.

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