back to article Two Russians convicted as money mules

Two Russian men have been convicted for their roles as money mules who tried to siphon funds out of US bank accounts and send it to ringleaders in Ukraine. Dmitry Vladislavovich Krivosheev, 25, and Maxim Valeryevich Illarionov, 24, who were living in Miami, last week were convicted of one count each of wire fraud and …


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  1. Fatman
    Thumb Down

    Money Mules Convicted!

    They should get the MAX for this.

    Society needs to start making examples of these criminals.

    Let them do the 20 years busting rocks at Levanworth.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      making an example...

      ...Does no good when most money mules have no clue they're commiting a crime, much less which one and whether others have received harsh sentences. People who know what money mules are tend to not get into the business.

      Unless, I suppose, they're "guided" around town by their friendly employer. I bet he even had his own baby sitters on staff to make sure the mules' kids were ok - what a nice man!

  2. Anonymous Coward

    'Tis the organizers

    The organizers are the folks that need electrofrykation (electro - Fry - Cation as opposed to stay-cation, it's a form of GO-cation... go to hell precooked that is).

    The mules are just dumb asses and likely victims themselves.

  3. Jon 86

    The recruits!

    ...right back to bite you in the back side. The illusion of crime-light at the end of the dark-deeds tunnel.

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