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For all the pre-release controversy surrounding Medal of Honour, EA's contemporary world shooter is surprisingly understated. The controversy that players would be able to "recreate the acts of the Taliban" was, like most other videogame controversies, founded on rumour and speculation. Served up by credulous politicians and …


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  1. irish donkey

    Medal of Honour was the best game ever but

    The cynic in me says the Taliban was just a 'flare' to raise some interest in this 'flagging' franchise..

    See what I done there.

    No word on what Anti-Copy Protection EA has put in place or how many times you will have to re-install your OS to get it to run!

    Don't think I'll bother

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So still not as good as counter strike, let alone source?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Careful now...

    ...skirting close to the wind there, el Reg, with the hostage-hand-grenade caption...

    Too soon maybe?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Should have reviewed the PS3 version

    It's considerably better. Better textures and lighting, much less tearing and pop-in that the Xbox version suffers from.

    The PS3 version also includes Medal Of Honour Frontline from the PS1 era, included on the disc, with HD graphics and trophies...

    1. Citizen Kaned

      pc version....

      would be much better still. much better gfx and usually more people. i just get annoyed that dice always produce almost great games (bad company 2) but they are usually ruined somehow. i still prefer them to MW etc as they are often much more team based.

      does anyone really play the single player games? dice just create multiplayer really, anything else is just a bonus

  5. Avatar of They
    Thumb Down

    Usual EA by the sounds of it.

    MOH airborne was a little under five hours to complete on all levels, and the only replay ability was to earn your five secret landings or to unlock the really hard to find weapon. Which if you don't mind dying you can do on first play through. So if this is six hours then you are not really telling me it is a leap on from MOH airborne.

    Worryingly is the fact you mention multiplayer is not done by the same team as their single player?

    I was looking forward to this, hoping it would stack up. Oh well. A least I have modern warfare to play for a slick and polished FPS and more single player plot than you can shake a big pointy sharp object with explosives at once end.

  6. Neil 7

    "There's an English hostage in there... Quick, where's the grenade?"

    Not very funny, or accurate as the poor woman was Scottish.

    Grenade obviously - suck on it.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      She was neither English or Scottish - she was BRITISH!

      1. Anonymous Coward


        Down voters, down vote as much as you like but alas she is in fact British, that is/was her nationality.

      2. Neil 7

        @AC 20th October 2010 09:05 GMT

        "She was neither English or Scottish - she was BRITISH!"

        When this article first appeared the quote beneath the first image was as per the title of my previous post, claiming the hostage victim was English and clearly alluding to the death of Linda Norgrove, and the article was then silently corrected.

        Miss Norgrove was Scottish (born in the Scottish Highlands) and was also British. There, how's that for you - happy?

  7. Annihilator
    Big Brother

    No Russian

    Man, it's almost like the controversy was pre-planned by the development teams.

    Do the "opposing force" still have foreign voices? Alaka taka?

    1. Citizen Kaned


      in bc2 you could have russian accented english voices

  8. John70

    My questions are

    Like with previous Medal of Honor games (Allied Assault, Spearhead, etc) for the PC

    1. Can we set up a dedicated server running on our own hardware or rented hardware that players can join ?

    2. Can the players create their own custom maps ?

    3. Can the players mod the game (like freeze tag, etc) ?

    After the farce with Modern Warefare and the absolute crappy IWNet for P2P multiplayer game play (which has put me off buying anymore Activision/Infinity Ward games) I am hoping that all the questions for Medal of Honor is yes.

    If not then EA Games needs to have a good think about the PC gamers.

    After all it was the custom map makers and modders that made the orginal MoH series one of the best FPS games in years even when Activision tried to copy it with their first Call of Duty series.

    1. c0rruptd

      IW = 2015

      Just thought I'd point out that a large portion of the original staff of Infinity Ward (creators of the Call of Duty franchise) came from 2015, inc, who were responsible for making MoH:AA.

      So you may continue your CoD-hate all you like, but remember, those that made MoHAA, made CoD... =P

  9. bolccg

    No prone?

    Why do developers persist in having "realistic" fps games you can't lie down in?! I mean maybe you wouldn't expect Duke Nuke 'em ever to be seen lying down (although tbh I've not read whether that feature is in the game) but surely it's ridiculous to not be able to hit the deck here?

    1. Tim Parker


      Surprisingly perhaps, Duke Nukem 3D used to have the ability to crawl around.. very useful for sneaking around corners.

  10. Studley

    All of the screenshot captions...

    ...seem like they were written by someone from Sega Power, circa 1993.

    That is all.

  11. asdf

    save your $$$

    I got it for my PS3 and for $60 this game is disappointing. Save your $$$ wait for it drop in price and get it used. Much better to save your cash for Fallout Vegas which drops today.

  12. Emo
    Paris Hilton

    Spot on review

    Cracking review.

    I wasn't aware that the single player and multi player were done by separate teams - makes sense now cos you can go prone and slide in single player but not in multi player :(

    Also your gripe with spawning next to players under fire is also correct - another gripe is spawning MILES away from where the action is or spawning in the same predictable place under gun fire.

    Single player not as good as BFBC2, multiplayer better than BFBC2.

    Immensely enjoyable with a few friends - but it's only filling in until COD Black Ops is released.

    Paris cos I'm sure she's fired a few guns..

    1. Florcz

      black ops might be rubbish though!

      The people who make black ops made "world at war" which was crap, it's not the same team who did a dececnt job MW2. I agree with you about MoH being more fun than BBC2 though in multiplayer, it's superbly intense and a lot less campable. Shame about no prone in MP though.

      No point in bothering with the single player though to be honest, no one buys these games to play offline - that's just something you do when EA servers are down :)

      One advantage this game has over MW2 apart from the superior maps and textures is the lack of 'finding new host' stoppages! At least EA had the sense to run their own servers. I am just glad to have a decent game to play after the disappointment that was Halo: Reach multiplayer....

      1. GrumpyJoe

        So why am I still playing WAW

        when I had Modern Warfare and traded it in? ZOMBIES! And Black Ops haz them!

        Zombies > Everything else in the history of the world!

      2. PoorLumpyPony

        Im going to have to agree

        MoH is more fun than BBC2.

        I never found the multiplayer feature of BBC2 though, unlocked on newsnight?

  13. Robert Simpson
    Big Brother

    War on terror?

    Is that like the 'war on drugs'? Yeah, that's a real war too...

  14. FozzyBear

    Look man

    That tourist, he got a gun.

    Sorry saving the $ for black ops when it hit the shelves in november At least they moved away from the WWII theme man that was getting old

    1. justkyle

      But no WWI FPS games?

      I, for one, thought it was kind of cool in COD to take part in the Normandy invasion.

      I think, however; there's a huge opportunity being lost. Korea may be America's forgotten war, but even Korea may have had a video game ascribed to it (MASH)

      However; where are the FPS games for WWI? And, no, I don't mean WWI flying games (something entirely different.)

      A well placed and timed grenade always livens things up...

  15. Patrick 8

    Got it, it Sux0rs big time!

    Duped in by past MOH glory. This game was the fastest, most non-enjoyable MOH I ever had to play. Save your moneys guys!

  16. John Lewis 4
    Big Brother

    Treason as a Thought Crime

    As a reasons why Government MPs want to have this game banned.

  17. serviceWithASmile

    BFBC2 is more fun

    But what I really want to know is, why on earth did they make one game authored by 2 devs with 2 different engines and 2 different styles of play? Isn't that really 2 games?

    Also, the last thing I want is another MW2 clone - considering it's a clone itself, aren't we nearing the point of diminishing returns for mediocre 6 hour long shooters with totally lame plots?

    P.S to those asking about PC specific stuff - I'd like to know too, but the review was for the Xbox version - it says on the green thingy.

    P.P.S: Thumb me up if you think Maverick should have died instead of Goose

  18. Andy
    Black Helicopters

    well worth it..

    ive read some many reveiews putting this game down but i still went ahead a purchased it and glad i did.. its better than modern warfare in terms of the online play imho and closer to battlefield 2. i dont buy these games for the single player experience as online is the place to be. i love the new maps not too small but not too big.

    BUY IT!!

    p.s cant wait for cod: spec ops!!

    p.p.s those with a pc buy a console and see what your missing.. i never thought id enjoy games on anything else but a pc but how wrong was i

  19. Carol Orlowski
    Thumb Up

    Loving the PS3 version

    with the extra content and better graphics. 9/10 here.

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