back to article Larry Ellison to buy EMC?

Whimsical Wall Street analysts, eager investment bankers, and maybe a few pump-and-dumpers are presumably behind the chatter that Larry Ellison, who is synonymous with software powerhouse and server wannabe Oracle, is interested in buying disk-array giant and VMware owner EMC. That's a good one, right? Almost as good as …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Sure he'd buy it

    Just think how much that would piss off HP!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Yeah, but

      HP will show Oracle/Larry and buy NetApp.

      1. Doctor Tarr

        Title must contain blah.................

        Why buy NetApp when they already have 3PAR and are growing the solution?

  2. Spicer


    On dit "rumeur de merde" et non pas "rumeur du merde" qui est grammaticalement incorrect :)

    1. lucmars

      That's right

      Write "rumeur DE merde" but not "rumeur DU merde".

      In the same vain you shall say "DU con" but not say "DE con", nonetheless you have to write "rumeur DE con" but not "rumeur DU con" (unless that's your rumour)

  3. FriedRice
    Thumb Down

    EMC Would never agree to it

    EMC would never agree to being acquired. Oracle is already a bloated mass of a company and has a history of diluting and over-licensing their software that would drive a company like EMC down fast. Not to mention EMC is currently the leader in networked storage systems. They spend more in a year on research than NetApp's gross income. I highly doubt Oracle would continue that trend which would in turn lower EMC's competitiveness. Long story short, even if Oracle could pony up the cash to buy it, there's no way EMC's shareholders would agree to it. Not with as well as EMC has been doing, even through the recession.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    EMC =

    Old tech. Personally, I think they should try to buy HDS. Much better/modern tech IMHO.

    1. Dazed and Confused

      @AC and EMC=

      Now buying HDS really would piss off HP.

      I've not checked, but I'd guess Hitachi was a rather big fish to try and swallow.

  5. Guus Leeuw


    It wouldn't be good. EMC is already on the wrong track with its support this year, but opting for a buy out by / merger with SunAcle would also put the sales on the wrong track (more expensive, etc). For me, it would signal the beginning of the end of a long career in EMC Storage Management on a self-employed basis. So let's hope these rumours are indeed what they seem to be: a way to increase stock prices (or is that stock value?)...

    Mine is the one with signed Mozy reseller agreeement in the pocket.

  6. The Fuzzy Wotnot


    Another wonderful example of humanity in the 21st century. Someone, who I assume people listen to, makes nothing more than a suggestion and due to the lightening speed at which we can now communicate, the rumour spreads faster than wotnot of a shovel, the markets get nudged and "money" starts changing hands!

    We have to be seriously proud of what we have achieved with this internet thingy!

    Roll on lunchtime today, when I can prop up the bar at the Red LIon and put this all into some sort of proper perspective!


  7. kevin elliott

    More than likely

    Seems like a goer to me. Based on these figures, EMC is seriously undervalued.

    And Ellison needs to put Hurd to work on something worthy of him. So stretching a little to buy EMC makes a lot of sense. And that'll fuel the drive to be bigger than IBM/HP.....

    Meanwhile MS sit on the sidelines, pretending to be the good guys - and have comlpetely run out of steam. They have to be vulnerable in the forseeable future...

  8. Zap

    See behind the news

    Clearly Larry wants VMware.

    With zero debt I don't think EMC is ready to sell although one might argue that their biggest threat (Microsoft) is gaining ground as this may be as good as it gets.

    Larry may well argue that to beat Microsoft VMware needs someone like Oracle behind it.

    Some will say VMware is market leader but they used to say that about Novell!

    What this signals to me is a 90 day window for VMware to be sold otherwise other players in the Virtual Server market should expect an approach.

  9. Gaius

    Never happen

    Oracle has just bought a storage vendor - Sun - and has not one but *two* VMs now, OracleVM and VirtualBox. The only reason to buy EMC would be to kill off a competitor, and as you say, he doesn't have the cash on-hand to do that.

    1. Aaron Guilmette


      On top of that, Uncle Larry already owns a big chunk of another storage company--Pillar Data Systems.

  10. brian korn 2

    cheap bonds

    With long term bonds at all time low, corporate cash is easy to find.

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