back to article Microsoft polishes Office Docs for Facebookers

In love with Facebook and in fear of OpenOffice, Microsoft has updated its collaboration service for 500 million users on Mark Zuckerberg's social network. has been updated for the second time in two months, adding support for PDF files, full-text search, social document ranking, user-generated templates, and bulk …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Business bonanza!

    Tired of accidently sharing your own rather dull but squalid personal details online. Think Big! Why not step up to the big time with Commercial Espionage™, the fun new collaborative data haemorrhaging tool from Microsoft/Farcebook! With and a little ingenious carelessness, you can have endless* fun:

    - sharing your entire company's personnel details with a single click!

    - invalidating a years worth of carefully crafted product launch strategy!

    - giving away your firm's 'crown jewels' to your competitors just by hitting 'return'!

    - handing your entire customer database (with payment details!) to any passing 419er in a convenient scam-ready format!

    - producing data breaches even the ICO can't conveniently ignore without a buffer overflow in sight!

    Sign up now for fun fun fun! After all, who needs the Chinese when you can reduce your company's stock price to zero faster than you can say "what does this button do?"

    *The value of 'endless' may vary depending on jurisdiction

  2. The Vociferous Time Waster

    Clearly a fraud

    Clearly he's lying, it's absolutely inconceivable he could have gone to a lunch event before he started working at M$.

  3. Shades

    Are Microsloth really...

    ...still bothering with Silverlight? I don't know anybody with it installed on their computer, not only those who know their way around a computer but also those who do not. And I can't say I've even encountered a site thats complained that I've not got Silverlight installed, ever!


    How much of a loser do you have to be to want to rank a "social" document?

  4. JDX Gold badge
    IT Angle


    I don't use FB, can anyone who does tell me if this is used much and getting much feedback from the users?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Install Title Here

    Seems messed up to me. Why would a Windows 1.0 ad read "Install Microsoft Silverlight"? And I was expecting to be a real website, how naive of me.

  6. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Office needs Facebook like a fish needs a bicycle

    What business need is there for it? Most companies are trying to keep their staff off Facebook.

    If Office has to go Web 2.0, then LinkedIn would be the one to go for.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    just wow.

    this guy is now Microsofts Chief Software Architect.

    How the rest of the industry must be trembling in fear.

    Really... what the heck has he done since joining Microsoft apart from waste time and money on projects that get canned (goodbye Mesh... at least some of the Sync stuff will live on)

    One lame blog post (and typo's on his bio page)

    I never saw anything good in Lotus Notes and he's gone on to more mediocrity

  8. dssf

    My position to my fb friends:

    "Here is my "standing order to any and all: DO NOT send to me any ms.doc or xls document that is not openable by or Lotus SmartSuite. ms is NOT the only game in town. Please don't force your recipients to NEED ms. I will ignore docs sent in a too-new ms format that won't open outside of ms office.""

    1. Phil W

      Too new MS or too old YOU!

      If an MS doc format is too new for you, then your simply out of date. OpenOffice has had the ability to open docx and xlsx files since version 3.0, given the current release is 3.2.1 if you still lack the ability to read docx and xlsx files then the fault is yours for not updating.

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