back to article Florida cops tase naked jogger

Florida police tased a 18-year-old this week after spotting him going for a jog wearing nothing but a pair of swimming goggles. West Melbourne Police officer Ken Sells spotted Zak Anthony King out for what appeared to be an early Monday morning constitutional. However, Sells quickly realised King was stark naked, save for a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    They're like a remote-controlled rugby tackle.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Not just tackle

      Naked onto tarmac while losing control of all of his muscles. He is lucky to get away with just bruises and abrasions.

      What's next? Tazering someone through a car window while driving or tazering someone who is on a bicycle? Whoever gave that officer firearms training should have their contract terminated outright.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Pedantic Power Activate!

        "Tazering [sic] someone through a car window ..."

        would be exceedingly difficult, what with all the glass and car and such...

        (Super Pedantic Bonus: *Taser* is not a verb, it is a trademark and acronym for "Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle")

      2. Anonymous Coward

        The other options

        The other option was for the officer to tackle the guy with his body. I'd imagine falling to the ground on your own weight would hurt somewhat less than being clobbered by another person and both of you falling to the ground with another guy on top of you.

        What would you propose the officer have done? Yell at the guy until he got tired and stopped running?

        1. steward
          Black Helicopters

          There's something called a nightstick

          which could be used to trip the jogger, or hit him with, without exposing him to a potentially lethal electric shock simply for exposing his body.

          Or they could have called in another car or two to trap the offender. Or officers on bicycles, motorcycles, or if they have them in that city, horses.

          Or they could have just left him alone, and gotten to work on rapes, murders, burglaries, robberies... oh, I forgot, those jobs are more dangerous than electroshocking a nude man.

          1. Dave 15

            One more possiblity

            Though obviously extreme...

            Get off the doughnuts, get fit and be able to chase the man down and stop him without tripping, tazering etc.

            No, too stupid for words.... it is the police we are talking about after all

        2. Alan 6

          @What would you propose the officer have done?

          Let the jogger carry on, he clearly wasn't hurting anyone, and being naked had only one place to conceal a weapon...

          1. TimeMaster T


            The cops thought he was brandishing a club.

          2. Mark 65

            @Alan 6

            Exactly! I mean...

            "Sells eventually flicked the switch, hitting King in the head and back and causing him to hit the pavement."

            He hit him in the head! What the fuck? That means he must have been aiming up the top end rather than centre of mass unless the dude was performing some "touch the ground whilst running" training manoeuvre. He could have killed him just because he was running as nature intended - admittedly illegal but certainly not worthy of death. Fucking fat donut munching wanker.

          3. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

            Taser = Whip

            A Taser may be non-lethal, but it hurts like hell from all I've been reading. So it's a whip which conveniently leave no traces for others to see. No embarrassing concussions other than when you're zapping someone in motion, so no indication of any suffering you have inflicted.

            I'm amazed the big heavy cop could not stop the skinny and mildly deluded stripper. Maybe he couldn't keep up?

        3. Anonymous Coward

          How about...

          ..just grab him?

          You could see from the video that he was not being in the least big combative and he was not running all that fast.

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        Tazering someone through a car window while driving...check

        Tazering someone who is on a bicycle...check

        BONUS: Running them over because they were too close to your car when you tazered them

        BONUS II: Planting a gun on the body

      4. Dave 15

        Difficult to know...

        It really is difficult to know why there are so many police when they seem to have nothing better to do than complain about hedges or assault scantily clad joggers. (I suspect the goggles mean he strictly wasn't 'naked')... The guy didn't even resist but was still subjected to force and injury by a cop with unlimited time to be a waster.

        Personally I think we should disband ALL police services the world over they seem to be full of aggressive jobs worth incompetants.

  2. Adrian Midgley 1

    Seems very violent

    And the chap sounds ill.

  3. The Fuzzy Wotnot


    Sounds like was one sandwich short to start with, even more reason to NOT taser the poor sod. It's obvious by the fact that he had nothing on but his birthday suit, that he was unlikely to whip a weapon, well no weapon he could seriously hurt anyone with!

    Another example of the State's finest behaving like the thugs they constantly try to deny they are.

    1. Bill Fresher
      Thumb Down

      Better safe than sorry

      The nude dude may not have had a visible weapon but he did say that he had superpowers which is as good as. What we would be saying if he had burnt the cop to a crisp with a laser beam shot out his hole?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Ah yes!

        Like the true Cyclops before Marvel chickened out and gave him two eyes.

      2. genome

        RE: Better safe than sorry

        how about... "Holy crap he fire a laser beam out his hole!"

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The old fave pass time of police, tasing the possibly mentally ill, did you see the figures from Oz? Lol.

    Oh well. I'm sure it's all completly justified.

  5. Disco-Legend-Zeke

    In Las Vegas, This Would Never...

    ...have happened.

    [Cop at coroner's hearing] "He reached his hand into his ass, and i thought he had a gun in there, so I fired 7 rounds into him."

  6. Lottie


    I thought Tazering was supposed to only be used as a non lethal alternative to shooting someone.

    Would he have shot the dude? I can't say, but hell, I'm sure he could have dealt with the situation without resorting to tazing the poor guy.

    1. steward
      Black Helicopters

      As Tasers are -not- non-lethal...

      they should be used under the same guidelines as guns. More than 350 people have been killed in the US by Taser-happy police officers.

  7. Z 1
    Big Brother

    Bloody hell

    They'll tase anything now. I'm just awaiting for the first reports of coppers tasing unruly dogs, cats, horses, etc or the tasing of a child because it was making a racket...

    1. Drunken
      Thumb Up

      Re: Bloody Hell

      At least they wouldn't taze a man sleeping in his own home!

    2. RichardB
      Black Helicopters

      keep up back there...

      12 Year old tasered & 6 year old tasered:

      UK police taser dog:

      1. PirateSlayer


        I fully agree with tasering dogs. They would have shot the bastard anyway. An example of a good use of taser. The rest of them are crazy.

  8. David Beeston

    Are you serious?!??!??1

    Cop should lose his job. These things are only meant to be used in times when there is a danger to the public or the officer. They are meant to be used as equivalent to when someone would otherwise be shot as the almost non-leathal alternative.

    This is clearly not an appropriate situation to use a taser. He was naked. Not going to be any concealed weapons. No real danger or threatening behaviour to the cop. I reckon the fat cop realised that the guy was gonna out run him and couldn't be arsed chasing him anymore.

    Shame on you sir. Shame on you.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Crack users...

    They never seem to understand.

  10. Darkwolf


    ...the officer was thinking the guy was Captain Jack Harkness, who does have a habit of being able to pull out weapons from "somewhere" although being totally nude.

    ( See Dr. Who episode "Bad Wolf")

    Captain Jack Harkness: [after listening to Trin-e and Zu-Zana discuss what they're going to do to him] Hold on, ladies, I don't want to have to shoot either one of you.

    Zu-Zana: But you're unarmed.

    Trine-e: [as Jack reaches behind his back] You're naked.

    Trine-e: [Jack has just revealed a small gun that he now points at Trin-e] But that's a Compact Laser Delux.

    Zu-Zana: Where were you hiding that?

    Captain Jack Harkness: [with the gun pointing at Zu-Zana] You *really* don't want to know.

  11. Rogerborg

    He was endangering the officer's life

    Another few yards, and he'd have had a coronary for sure.

  12. Graham Bartlett

    @Fuzzy Wotnot

    Say what?!

    The guy is quite likely off his head on PCP, and you reckon the cop should have tried manhandling him?! Are you completely out of touch with reality?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      If the cop can't do it, then call in someone competent

      The orderlies in mental hospitals deal every day with far harder cases. They don't threaten the patients with violence and they don't shoot them with tasers. (Or at least not usually.)

      It sounds a bit as though the police in the USA need to set up a proper procedure for dealing with naked people who won't do as they're told (respect their authoritah). That procedure could be as simple as phoning the nearest mental hospital.

      On the other hand, I bet The Register only reports on the cases where tasers were used. For every such case there are perhaps hundreds of other cases where the police behaved in a civilised fashion. Would it be possible for some slightly more investigative journalist to found out what the normal or recommended way of dealing with such cases might be?

      1. Peter Mylward

        Bias reporting?

        Well of course the reg only report on these sorts of cases, as if it was dealt with normally I assume it wouldn't have ended up on the news wires.

  13. Montreux

    Mentally Ill?

    Unfortunately the man was probably suffering from some form of mental illness. Taking him to a local hospital may have been more useful than taking him to a police station and charging him.

    1. hplasm

      Wasn't he charged first,

      then fell over, then was taken to the station...

  14. ian 22


    The police are armed and dangerous! Do as you're told and you might not get hurt.

    1. Adrian Challinor

      re: Warning!

      Note appropriate used of the word "might".

    2. moonface

      re: Warning

      "Do as you're told and you might not get hurt."

      Nice, to be reminded once in a while, that we are in fact living in a Police State.

  15. PaulWizard

    Is it just me or....

    "He still had to be repeatedly told not to move"... queue video of him being told not to move whilst, as far as I can tell, he wasn't. Was the tazering of a naked man not enough excitement for the police/news crew such that they have to invent a further threat?

    1. Criminny Rickets

      Not just you

      It stuck out to me that the cop also kept telling him to "Stay Down" while the guy was still running. Usually you say that to someone that is already on the ground. Makes you wonder what the cop was referring to when he kept saying "stay down".

  16. moonface

    Acceptable violent society

    Are these Police actually contributing anything to society?

    Seriously, I would be far more disturbed watching someone being beaten up and tortured with electric shocks, than the sight of a naked man's todger as he ran past me.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    According to the Taser Gospel, the cop would have otherwise had to shoot him dead

    Watch the video closely and you will notice that the copper tells nude-guy to put his hands behind his back, while the taser continues to clack away in the background. Not surprisingly, buddy fails to comply. This is actually SOP for most taser deployments. The 'excessive force' is built in.

    Is this version of the video missing eight seconds (from 38 to 46 seconds)? I guess they chopped that out because otherwise the excessive duration would have been too obvious.

    Cue massive lawsuit.

  18. Shades

    I don't think... was crack or PCP he had taken:

    "The suspect hit the ground hard and had to be taken to [odd named] medical centre with some cuts"


  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Indecent exposure

    I thought, well in the UK at least, that your todger needs to be a full mast for it to be indecent exposure.

    Presuming this guy's old chap was flacid when running, it seems difficult to justify tasering the guy on those grounds.

    In the laa-and of the freeeeee

    And the home of the braaaaave.

  20. SMFSubtlety

    from the 50's

    Perhaps the cop was straight out of the 50's where they used use Electrocution therapy on people with perceived deficiencies?

  21. Smudge@mcr

    Naked jogger

    A jogger used to run naked past my Gran's house at 3am every night.

    One day she told a passing Police Officer who said he could not do anything about it until he received a complaint.

    My Gran replied " I am making a compliant, can't he jog any earlier I haven't been to sleep in weeks!"

    ( The old ones are the best)

  22. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    If you really want to streak ...

    ... go to America and the police will make and distribute a video for you for free.

  23. kain preacher

    @If the cop can't do it, then call in someone competent

    The orderlies in mental hospitals deal every day with far harder cases. They don't threaten the patients with violence and they don't shoot them with tasers. (Or at least not usually.)

    Thats when they get six or seven people to hold him down and sedate him. The problem with that is if he is on drugs sedating him could kill him, drug interaction. If he is on drugs struggling can lead to a condition called stressed induced heart attack. But most of the times the cops just wrestle the guy to the ground like what the orderlies in the hospital would do.

    Last comment. Before every tars th US police with the same brush, I've seem to notice that alot of these cases come from Florida and Texas.

  24. Paul Johnston

    How long to you get for that?

    he was charged with ... and resisting arrest without violence

  25. Dangermouse

    It gets better down under...

    Improvised water-boarding, anyone?

  26. Anonymous Coward

    Makes me sick

    Whatever about the Taser incident, this cop was clearly using the Present Continuous Tense to describe something that happened in the Past - WTF is that about ?!!!

  27. Allan George Dyer

    But he wasn't naked...

    I can clearly see a greyish rectangle covering his lower torso.

    OK, I'm going. The greyish, rectangular one please. They're the latest fashion.

  28. Anonymous Coward

    Born free

    And this guy's crime was?

    OK, maybe some people are offended by nudity, but is it a offence worthy of shooting (of any kind?)

  29. pAnoNymous

    Judge, Jury & Executioner

    Judge Dread would have loved a taser. Instant retribution.

  30. Alfred 2

    A few things about this ....

    disturb me.

    Was the naked jogger actually wet? (There was mention of him apparently having been swimming.) Wouldn't that have made the use of a Taser extrememly dangerous?

    I also find a couple of comments here a bit suspicious. The suggestion that a big burly cop shuld have jumped on a small naked jogger, or tackled him. Am I the only one that thinks man rape migh not be preferavle to a tazering??

    Mind scrib please.

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: A few things about this ....

      "Man rape"? Don't be so ridiculous.

  31. Alistair MacRae


    You cant just taser people, they need to be the last resort before shooting someone as a Less than Lethal device.

    He's lucky the offender didn't have some medical problems that may have ended up killing him.

  32. nordwars

    You want a title? I'll give you a title!

    America, **** yeah!

  33. mhenriday
    Big Brother

    Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

    I hold with Abbot Amaury ; tasering - at least when it only leads to cuts and bruises and «incoherences», rather than fatalities - is far too mild a measure in dealing with so horrible an offense as jogging naked in the nude....


  34. pctechxp

    Don't tase me bro

    I've already had too much electric shock therapy in the mental health ward I've just escaped from.

  35. Anonymous Coward

    Acidic Comment from friend:

    Re state police shooting unarmed mentally ill people doing little more than sitting on park benches talking to themselves...

    "The cops like to use mentally ill people for target practice".

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