back to article Sony uncloaks first Google TV television

Sony has unveiled the first HD television based on Google TV, the search giant's fledgling effort to marry broadcast TV with the interwebs. The Sony Internet TV is available in 24-inch, 32-inch, 40-inch, and 46-inch models, and prices range from $599.99 to $1,399.99. Last week, Logitech took the wraps off a $299.99 Google TV …


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  1. Robert Govier

    UK availability?

    So given these prices are in $, will these devices actually work and/or be officially released in the UK? I assume a lot of the functionality comes from streaming content which is probably not available outside the US, so will we have to wait a couple of years for Google to negotiate the appropriate license deals before it's released over here?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Was actually expecting worse on the price

    Being Sony and all. Assuming, of course, those are LED backlit.

    Too bad you can't get it on a PS3 :)

  3. The Guv

    Wont succeed with our rubbish broadband speeds!

    I think Google TV will be here sooner than expected.

    It's how it guarantees delivery of service to the end user that's critical.

    If it can't stream without buffering then consumers will reject it. For that reason I wonder if Google TV in the UK could end up being a hybrid that uses the YouView/Project Canvas delivery mechanism to get it's content ?

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  5. Deadly Headshot

    Weren't Acorn doing this back in the '90s?

    (Before Apple pursuaded them to bankrupt themselves with the NC debacle)...

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