back to article Mozilla foot soldiers unleash 'Army of Awesome' on Twitter

Mozilla has hooked itself up to Twitter and created an “Army of Awesome” for Firefox users needing help with the browser. In other words, those surfers with a short attention span can now find out all they need to know via 140-character bursts. “Anyone with a Twitter account can join the Army of Awesome and reply to a tweet …


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  1. Lottie

    hmm tweets soon to appear

    halp! passwords being slurped!

    ur hammering my processor!

    1. Bilgepipe


      Or "wtf where has all ram gone?"

      As for Admin privileges, just use Portal Firefox. Or preferable Portable Chrome. Job done.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Dear "Army of Awesome"

    My Firefox is a slow and bloated buggy mess. As the day goes it it grinds to a halt. I don't have any of these problems when I use Opera. Can you help?

    Dear "Army of Awesome" I want to install Firefox in my Android phone, it comes with 100MB free flash and Firefox wants 40MB of it. What can I do?

    1. The Other Steve

      Only 40 ?

      Yesterday I had to kill an FF instance that had grabbed almost 900 megs of RAM. With only five visible pages. FF never, ever, frees memory.

      Apparently, this is a feature. No really. This happens on purpose.

  3. Thev00d00
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    Workls quite well

    Heh, I'm helping out, see user, send them appropriate link, easy and helpful.

  4. LinkOfHyrule

    I'm gunna ask them

    I'm gunna ask them if there's is a way to change the error messages. "Oops, this is embarsing" is getting so old after seeing it everyday for god knows how long now!

    I want it to say something else maybe "Ooh what am I like!" or maybe "We apologise for the inconvenience but your session was lost due to trespassers on the line at Effingham Junction".

    Now that would be awesome!

  5. Tom 15

    I'm helping out too

    I'm helping out, every time I'm asked a question, I recommend a switch to Chrome!

    1. Chrome


      -+-+-+-+ OUT OF CHEESE ERROR +-+-+-+- REDO FROM START +-+-+-

  6. Llanfair

    Firefox and memory

    How on earth did you guys manage to get 900 Megs of RAM used by Firefox? I currently have 20 tabs open and one of them is on the BBC's Chile Mine rescue page with the video running for 5 hours, yet my Firefox is using just 260Megs of RAM. I am on Windows XP.

    1. BioTube

      It's called cache

      And Firefox manages it badly; simply put, when Firefox's pool of allocated memory buckets fills up, it decides which bucket to keep based on which one's bigger; not a problem if you don't need many giant buffers at once, but it can easily build up.

      In layman's terms, Firefox does free memory, but in such as way that the amount used always goes up.

  7. MinionZero

    @Twitter, "Army of Awesome"?

    Sounds more like a Battalion of Banal. ;)

  8. Andy Blackburn

    Wonder what

    The "Axis of Awesome" have to say about this:

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Re: Wonder what.

      That video never gets old.

  9. Eddie Johnson

    Bandwagon Chasing

    They've never met a silly fad they didn't jump all over. As long as it doesn't find it's way onto my menu bar I guess I don't much care. Although I probably won't be allowed to have a menu bar in the next version what with all the kewl kids getting rid of menus.

  10. Ross Nixon
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    Try the Pale Moon

    The Pale Moon project offers stripped down optimized versions of Firefox.

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