back to article Lovefilm confirms PS3 streaming scheme

Lovefilm has confirmed it will bring video streaming to the PlayStation 3 - it's just not saying when. Simply stating that the service will be coming "soon", Lovefilm said the tie-in with Sony will see it become the official "PS3 integrated subscription film service partner", a wording that covers the fact that it will operate …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    The Youtube video (that's now been pulled) states November.

    It's also free to use if you have a LoveFilm postal sub.

  2. Mevi

    LoveFilm's content

    I have a LoveFilm subscription...

    Ok, so there's a few thousand streaming movies, but most of them the kind of give-away guff that other legal movie providers put on their sites to lure in potential paying customers.

    That said, if you have the patience to wade through all that crap, there ARE some really good movies and movies that are SOOOOOO shockingly bad, they're just awesome. If you like old B movies and explotation movies, this will tick all the boxes.

    Be nice to get an XBOX360 and WMP plugin too.

  3. Steven H Taylor


    Lovefilm coming to PS3... in the UK, one has to presume. What do Europeans on the continent get? No Netflix, no Lovefilm for sure.

  4. AndrueC Silver badge

    What about the bits?

    Are they going to use a decent bitrate yet?

  5. James 6

    Soon is not soon enough

    I'm looking forward to this. I have been wondering how I could make use of my current streaming hours I get from my Lovefilm subscription, but I hate the idea of sitting at a PC to watch them on a small screen. I would definitely use the service if I can watch it in my living room with minimal effort.

  6. hexx

    try this

    you can give it a go on the link below, that one grants 2 months free:

    link to watch online catalogue:

  7. Mevi


    I've got an Acer Revo screwed to the wall behind my TV. Until there's a better solution, I'm watching LoveFilm fullscreen from my web browser. Be nice to ditch the keyboard/mouse and use the WMC remote, one day.

    Boxee & take care of a lot of my other online content.

    1. DRendar


      We badly need an XBMC plugin for Love Film, as this would benefit not just the hundreds of XBMC users in the UK, but also all the XBMC derivatives, such as Boxee, MediaPortal and Plex.

      LoveFilm seem reluctant to want to supply the plugin / API because <quote>"We are looking to expand the number of devices in the future, but only for devices or platforms we have a direct commercial relationship with."

      A Hugely shortsighted view. Think of the Additional Subscriptions!!!

      See for details.

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