back to article Health records get clean bill of health

A government review of the controversial Summary Care Records (SCR) scheme has found no compelling reason to abolish the project. But the coalition government has accepted the need to limit what information is held on the files. Health Minister Simon Burns is also asking that in future letters sent to patients warning them …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    And the Rest?

    What about the rest of this stuff? What's happening with Detailed Records? What else is going on with the Spine?

    Yet again, it's as if there's nothing more to this stuff than just the Summary Care Records.

    Although, in the notes under the press release, I do note the following:-

    "3) We continue to work with the DfE to improve information sharing and protocols between health professionals and children's services departments around the issue of child protection where there may be causes for concern about the welfare of a child who comes into contact with health services."

    Sounds like Big Brother is alive and well, just a bit more stealthy and better spun.

  2. Fred 24

    Already told my doctor

    That under no circumstances are my details to go on this system. When i pointed out the number of data leaks and viruses causing trouble he agreed and later called me to confirm the surgery will not offer any patients the option. His last comment to me was "with windows how can we prove our systems dont have a virus?"

    1. David 164

      It pretty easy to protect any computer from viruses actually.

      By constant virus scanning, only use the GP surgeries for official business, aka limit there use to NHS sites an medical sites an medical journals sites by using filters to block any other site. An I am receptionist an nurses an GP got enough work to be getting on with so they will not have to go to other sites anyway.

      Never download attachments to the GP computer, full stop.

      Run a virus an spyware scan every single day like you should.

      An use a descent secure browser, not IE 6 like my last three GPs still does.

      but the biggest thing just use your common sense an may be use some of that 100 ground salary for IT training an security training.

      An I hope your GP is based in a bank vault because short of that, I would not be convince that my records would be safe on site, I know the last GP went into left there filing cabinate open an left there computer unlock why they went to get my results, I could have quite a bit of fun there in the ten minutes he was gone an would not of known that I done a thing, his software did not keep track of which records been access an when for instant.

      An patents should be given the chance to make there own decisions an the GP should never limit a patent choice just because he does not like it.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother


    Does that mean those of us who have already opted-out (twice to date) will have to opt-out again?

  4. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    A *slight* improvement

    You (will) get a prepaid envelope.

    Still no actual review on weather it's actually *worth* doing this.

  5. Oldgroaner

    Health records

    Not in Wales, lol

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