back to article Zork goes native on the Kindle

A web interface might be the easy way to get text adventures onto the Kindle, but those on the plane can now go native too. Last week we celebrated the availability of Zork (I, II & III) on Amazon‘s Kindle, but lamented the fact that it was a web interface when a local application would be so much more elegant - well, we …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Obvious game for the kindle ... text display based, keyboard input, doesn't need a particularily fast display update.

    1. adq


      Nethack is definitely doable, but there isn't a Java port so it would have to be a compiled binary exposed through a Java GUI.

      I'm not sure if Kindlets are allowed to call random binary programs or use JNI; I suspect not. This is obviously not a problem for rooted devices as you can just change what they're allowed to do.

      However, KIF as it is would be runnable on a non-rooted device, except for the signatures.

  2. Steve X


    Infocom? Forget the moderrn stuff. Just go straight for Colossal Cave. There's a C version, in case no-one's ported a FORTRAN IV compiler to the Kindle yet...

    1. Ian Michael Gumby

      Hello Sailor!

      No comment. Thought that it was fitting.

  3. Paul_Murphy


    >Scrabble (with the latter limited to Americans)

    Whats the point in Americans playing Scrabble? - they change words around so much from proper English that it might as well count as cheating.

    Though I guess if the US version was more like 'Scrabble for chavs' (tm) it might make sense - no words more that two syllables, and the spelling is secondary to pronunciation.

    Ok, ok, mines the flame-proof one!


    1. John Gamble

      It's All About The Point Score

      The whole *reason* for American spelling is to allow higher point scores in Scrabble. Well known fact. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

      Actually, given that the British word list for Scrabble is more permissive than the American word list (see *Word Freak*, by Stephan Fatsis), I don't see that you have anything to complain about.

  4. Tobor

    You can get Hitch Hikers‘ Guide To The Galaxy

    ...and others... and they work!

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