back to article LG UK blog lets slip Windows Phone 7 details

Windows Phone 7 gets its formal public launch this afternoon, but dear old LG has already - and accidentally - outed its Optimus 7 handset. Said the company in its blog this morning - the entry has since been pulled - "Utilising Microsoft’s brand new operating system, the LG Optimus 7 heralds a new era for smartphones and …


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  1. Lan ser


    I'm sure they love having their name pinched

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Did you not learn Latin at school?

  2. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    BSOL Anyone?

    Blue Screen of Life ? Well, when it goes titsup the screen won't have to change colour much now will it?

    The size of those icons? Ok, for an Inuit in the Arctic wearing sealskin mitts I suppose.

    Paris, cause she knows that Blue is really not her colour.

  3. David Evans

    Vodafone are advertising it already

    I've just seen a poster site in Dublin for Voda and the LG was the main part of the ad. Caught my eye because of the XBox Live icon on the home screen otherwise I probably wouldn't have realised it was a Phone 7 device. *update* Its on the Voda Ireland site:

  4. envmod


    yes, nice user inter-bwa ha ha ha ha! god it looks awful. wht don't the tiles fit the screen properly? what goes in the big gap down the right hand side... ms should stop throwing good money after bad and get the hell out of the mobile business.

  5. Little Poppet
    Thumb Up

    Looks Good

    Sweet. The DLNA functionality we saw a while back is intriguing.

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