back to article Symantec dips toe into hardware water

Symantec is almost in the hardware business; the Huawei-Symantec joint-venture is launching one networking and two storage boxes today. Huawei-Symantec (HS) was set up in 2008 and has established a presence in north America. General manager for their North American operations, Jane Li, said: "We are committed to helping North …


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  1. unredeemed

    Author is a bit misinformed

    Symantec already has a couple of appliances, has had them for a few months. A NetBackup 5000 and a NetBackup 5200. The 5000 has been out for months. The 5000 is a PureDisk Dedupe box, supporting up to 16TB of deduped data, and the 5200 is a Netbackup media server supporting up to 32TB of deduped data. Bot are fully populated, xeon powered boxes with lots of SATA based disk, and RAM in a rack mount box.

  2. Paul 172
    Thumb Up

    Do like..

    How so many companies release products numbered 2600 ....

    Cisco, microsoft, symantec.......... knowing nod

  3. Chris Mellor 1

    Not DS3040

    Reg reader Bill Hager said in a mail: " I don't think IBM has a DS3040. I can think of a couple of products with pretty close names(DS3400, N6040), though."

    He is right; IBM has a DS3400 and HS made a typo. The article text has been changed.

    Thanks Bill.


  4. Simon B

    Will Symantec hardware be as good as Symantec software?

    Will Symantec hardware be like Symantec software? slow, unresponsive, bloated, and (put politely) not very good at what it is supposed to do!!!

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