back to article Yahoo! preps (cellular) video chat for iPhone, Android

Yahoo! plans to one-up Apple's FaceTime video-calling capability with a new version of its Yahoo! Messenger mobile app that not only supports video calls, but — unlike Wi-Fi–only FaceTime — will also do so over carriers' wireless networks. According to Reuters, the app will not only let users of its iPhone and Android-phone …


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  1. mafoo

    data rate

    and what rate does it use up your bandwidth allocation?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Not in their walled garden

    An do you think the owners of these Phone Operating Systems will actually permit such competition to their own apps?

    1. T-Unit

      Apple no

      But for Android, there is no restriction

  3. Chris 3

    It's not the cellular capabilities that I am interested in...

    .. so much as the ability to communicate with a desktop machine. There is *no* app, as far as I am aware that allows you to video conference between iPhone and desktop.

  4. Matthew 25

    I remember ...

    ... way back when 3G came out, that video calling was meant to be the killer app. So much so that loads of handsets had a camera on the front to facilitate it.

    Now Apple have discovered this new thing that no one ever thought of before where you can see, through the magic of Job and his Judas Phone, the person you are talking to. Wow! sounds like a band wagon we can all jump on. Must rush a product to market ASAFP.

  5. Tommy Pock

    Video calls

    We don't want them. Go away.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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