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The challenge to create an entirely new Castlevania game must have been a daunting one for developer Mercury Steam. Plucked from the relative obscurity of developing American McGee's Scrapland and Clive Barker's Jericho, the Spanish developer found itself dice-in-hand for Konami's big-budget gamble of rebooting its vampire- …


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  1. Si 1


    After the demo I was planning to write the game off as a rather lazy God of War clone (and I've already played GoW Collection, GoW3 and a bunch of other clones this year, so I'm a bit burned out on GoW). I might give Lords of Shadow a second chance if there's more to it in the later stages.

  2. Peter Kay

    Good value?!

    Good value is forty quid for 15-20 hours in a game that sounds like it has its bright spots but is ultimately flawed and derivitive in many areas.

    A pound or less per hour of (decent) gameplay is good value. Over two pounds an hour is not..

  3. A 31

    no more titles ...

    sniff, I remember castlevania from my MSX and pcEngine days ...

    played that demo on the ps3, v good ! but the god of war analogy is true, and like all the demos I download ... I feel I have played it already !!

    Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake ....

  4. Greg D

    I remember a time

    when games were original. why copy a previous game so blatantly and just reskin it? I'm assuming this developer also made the GoW games?

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