back to article PARIS furnished with engorgement

The Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) team nipped out yesterday to pick up a satisfyingly large bottle of helium: an 80kg steel beast packing a tad over 10 cubic metres of lifting gas. We'd like to offer a big ta very much to Air Liquide in Valladolid, for cheerfully providing PARIS with a big lift. Naturally, our …


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  1. mafoo


    yarre yarre yarre

  2. daka

    Rui is a legend

    That is all.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. F111F

    Well Done!

    Cheers to Rui for having the good grace to help us with good laugh to start the's your pint lad, first one's on me if we ever meet.

  5. NoneSuch Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Quick Question

    I just read back through the PARIS article archive. Release mechanism design / testing, sorting out the wrinkles in the skin, drinking straw structure and it is all good.

    However, while it has been in a hyperbaric chamber to check for effects at altitude I see no one has actually flight tested the design! Is there a plan to put the completed PARIS design into a wind tunnel, some sort of CAD simulation software or simply drop PARIS out of a upper floor window to check the actual balance and glide characteristics?

    Shouldn't you actually see if it CAN fly in at least a 1:1 glide ratio before sending it up to 20K meters???

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Paper Aircraft Released In Space

      Hence flying is not a requirement.

      In fact to aid retrieval plummeting is desired. Just imagine a 35:1 glide slope from 100,000 feet (600+miles?) you can take first shift driving...

      Anyway you cant use the words Paris and flying together! (from my uni days flying was code for RAF or rough as...)

  6. Annihilator Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Your son

    must either bloody love or hate you, I can't tell which!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You Sir have no shame..

    a sequin dress, a phallic symbol & Paris, the levels of inneuendo in this rag have gone through the roof (possibly through the gutter), it's disgusting.

    [ so good work all round and long may it continue]

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    shirley your missing something...

    "So, we've got helium, a main payload and a launch date. We just need a space paper plane and we're ready for lift-off... "

    Perhaps you also need a couple of finest quality Bulgarian airbags.

    Ok in this case Bulgarian is not a requirement, but you'll need at least one backup! from my experience Latex and engorgment nozzles go well together but sharp finger nails dont!

    Paris natch.

  9. frank ly

    Not Quite Right

    That dress is not the right colour for him. A darker colour would coordinate better with his skin tone.

    1. Tim #3


      his shoes didn't match the outfit. I'm worried I noticed it though.

      btw, luckily for Rui, nobody has suggested a photoshop contest of that pic

    2. Mike Richards

      Lacking accessories

      A chihuahua for one.

      Hold on - have I just stumbled on the identity of PARIS's mysterious pilot? Could it be Tinkerbell? If anyone spots Lester boarding a plane with a bag of doggie chocolates and a small bottle of chloroform I think we'll know why.

  10. Wommit
    Paris Hilton

    LOL funny

    While I am aware that it is a parents duty to ritually humiliate their offspring as often as possible, just ask my kids, I fear that the sequined dress might actually be a reasonable defense in a murder case.

    Did your son remove it from the delectable Ms Hilton, or did you force yourself to do the job?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good job!

    Good job, Rui.

  12. AndyG_IOM


    Hopes.... DASHED !!!!

    D'oh !! hehehehe

    Good sport tho Rui !!!

  13. LINCARD1000

    There are models, then there are models...

    Good on Rui for having a sense of humour about it (hope the payout was worth it, mate!). And much better looking than the skanky celebutard the project shares a name with :-)

    Very much looking forward to seeing a successful result to this whole project, it is quite exciting really. Takes me back to building custom-made balsa gliders when I was young.

  14. Pirate Dave Silver badge


    could you label articles with such graphic pics as NSFW? Some of us over in the Puritanical US could get canned for these types of things... ;)

    looking forward to PARIS going airborne. It's been a long time coming.

  15. heyrick Silver badge

    Makes me wonder...

    Where a bright pink sequined dress came from in the first place...

    [or are my parents really boring?]

  16. Alan Esworthy


    I admit that I rarely pay much attention to celebridirt but I've not heard anything to suggest that Ms. Hilton is "familiar" with items shaped like a dog dong. Have I missed a Big Story? I'm at the office so this is something I don't think I'll Google.

    [Badgers because it's the closest you have to pups.]

    1. kneedragon
      Gates Horns

      You haven't looked.

      I think you are guilty, perhaps, of failing to investigate the photographic (video) evidence freely available in the public domain.

  17. James O'Shea


    Wearing a dress, handling phallic symbols... so when did Rui join the Scots Guards, then?

    <exit, stage left, to the sound of bagpipes playing "Charlie, he's my darling". Or possibly "Cock o' the North".>

  18. SteveD

    What have I got myself into?

    Lester has offered to ply me with lots of red wine, Has already got his apparently sober son in a dress. I think the chances are high I won't enjoy the pictures of me on the reg later this month.

  19. kneedragon
    Paris Hilton


    Rui is not by any chance the BOFH's Pimply Faced Youth, is he?

  20. Martin Budden
    Black Helicopters


    @ Anonymous Coward Posted Friday 8th October 2010 14:32 GMT

    Actually flying IS required. It's not a Paper Weight Released In Space, it's an Aircraft, so there is a clear implication that it should do something other than plummet.

  21. Simon Brown

    erm... batteries... don't use rechargeables


    Hope I'm not putting together 2 & 2 and making anything other than 4 here.

    You are about to release paper plane into space and then film its descent. Space is either very cold or very hot (or somewhere in between) and your plane will be falling through bits of atmosphere that will be very hot, or very cold.

    In a recent article I noted with interest that a submersible had been powered under the Arctic using several thousand D-batteries. When asked why they didn't use rechargeables the Brit boffins "flying" the sub said that at such low temperatures, the batteries didn't hold their charge well.

    I'm sure you've already taken this into consideration...


  22. Yesnomaybe

    Another fine effort here:

  23. Anonymous Coward

    ASL ?

    'nuff said

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