back to article Ubuntu's iTunes jumps to Windows and Android

Ubuntu's mission to become more Mac-like takes a step forward with Maverick Meerkat, as Canonical further fuses machine and web. Ubuntu 10.10, due Sunday, will for the first time put the Ubuntu One file syncing and sharing service on Apple's iPhone and on Android phones. Further, Ubuntu 10.10 will contain a beta of its hinted- …


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  1. John 173
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    Currently I use Spotify and don't see too much of a need for change. The advantange of using spotify is the many social elements surrounding it, such as community generated play-lists and user taste/artist similarity. I do miss owning my own CD's though, and Spotify doesn't stream beyond 160kbps for mobile devices, allowing 360kbps only for your wall computer. This could be pretty good for competition though, especially if it supports lossless formats such as flac.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Fiddling with the interface and integration with online services is one thing...

    ...and it seems to be the thing Canonical are doing a lot of with Ubuntu at the moment.

    It could well just be me, but I don't find any of this particularly compelling or revolutionary. To the contrary, things like changing the location of the logout/shutdown dialog and "seamless" integration of social networking smell like change for the sake of it. Or even worse, for the sake of the appearance of change. And it introduces bugs on previously perfectly well supported systems.

    The great thing about Free software is that I have a choice. Looks like I may be exercising that at some point.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    People want to play their music at work.....

    What the heck, I thought people go to work to, let's say hmm... that's it, Work ?

    How many of you would love to be on the surgery table assisting to the following scene :

    Surgeon : Nurse, please hand me the.. Nurse ?

    Nurse : Sorry, couldn't hear you very well, I'm listening Britney Spears now.

    1. Robert Forsyth

      Listen to cricket

      or other midweek event, perhaps.

    2. 2FishInATank


      I think you should ask around at your local hospital - every surgeon I know (ok, all 4 of them) has a selection of music playing as they work in theatre...

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