back to article Ubuntu Server 10.10 rides distributed file systems

Canonical's work on the "Maverick Meerkat" Ubuntu 10.10 development effort has been mostly about polishing the desktop, but the commercial Linux distributor has not forgotten about the server business that increasingly pays the bills. And for those bleeding-edge shops who want the latest, greatest Ubuntu features, it could …


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  1. PushF12

    this will diminish Microsoft and kill most low-end IT jobs

    Microsoft became powerful because their ecosystem allows mediocre people to keep well paid jobs, and these people are positioned resist change at the tactical level.

    Cloud computing is disrupting this ecosystem by making competent IT personnel indirectly available to everybody, and the nature of utility billing makes the realized capital costs zero, which is like a narcotic for accounting departments everywhere. I have yet to see a VP of IT that can give a blow job to a CEO that gets a result like an Amazon EC2 invoice.

    The droid that double-clicks to keep the virus scanner updated at your branch office doesn't have any way to prevent the whole replacement of his job with a disposable desktop computer and a faster Internet connection. I wonder how Microsoft will accommodate their hordes of MCPs and MCSEs.

  2. John Sanders

    The death of the desktop...

    Is (actively) greatly exaggerated.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    what good is it if it cant run x264 in a private cloud

    what good is it if it cant even run a simple x264 in a private cloud with a nice web based GUI!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      computer - compute stuff...

      tv (ok, ok - media centre) - show stuff...


      1. Anonymous Coward

        x264 Encoding IS a compute intensive task

        @AC eeh?

        "computer - compute stuff...

        tv (ok, ok - media centre) - show stuff...


        No, x264 Encoding a highest quality Blueray 1080p for instance is one of the computers most compute intensive tasks you can ask it to do.

        it's nothing to do with tv/media centre ,thats the totally seperate H.264 <b>decoders</b> job, something unrelated to the x264 H.264 compute intensive task of Encoding....

        people make that simple Encoder/decoder mistake all the time so dont feel bad ;)

  4. J-Wick

    Who's really moving to cloud computing?

    I have to say, I still don't see the practicality of cloud computing. Your corporate (or personal) data is managed offsite by a third party, with all the risk that that entails, and you need a super-fast permanent internet connection for something as mundane as adding the cover sheet to your TPS report.

    Risks seem much much bigger than rewards...

    Or am I missing something?

    (That's not rhetorical - I'm not known for being bright)

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