back to article Verizon to get iPhone 4-and-a-bit early 2011

The long-rumoured Verizon-friendly version of the iPhone will go on sale early next year. So say folk "familiar with the matter" cited by the Wall Street Journal and who peg the CDMA iPhone's release taking place within Q1 2011. Anyone assuming this will be the iPhone 5 may be disappointed. According to the WSJ's sources, the …


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  1. D@v3


    "And Verizon punters are going to be extremely less likely to buy an iPhone in Q1 if they know for sure a snazzier model will be out in June."

    If that was the case, would they have not jumped ship and brought the current one, thinking that a CDMA version is not going to appear.

    If someone is on a CDMA network, they are unlikely to be put off upgrading their phone because a new GSM phone is on the way.

    Unless you are trying to insinuate that the iPhone 5 (in June 2011) will be both GSM and CDMA???

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      If they were going to release the phone on Verizon, why would the 5th installment not be on Verizon?

  2. Tigra 07

    Anyone else still following this?

    I'd like to point out i bought my x10, which has better features than the iphone 3

    The iphone 4 came out and still couldn't compete

    Will it take iphone 5 or 6 before people actually realise they are expensive and limited compared to the competition?

    The best thing that can happen is Windows Phone 7 flies off the shelves and is better and cheaper than the iphone.

    Welcome, for other opinions

    1. envmod


      shut up about bloody X10's and the like. they're just not better than an iphone ipso facto. maybe on paper they have a "better" spec, but quite frankly, that means fuck all in the real world. functionality and usability are what matters to everyone apart from uber nerds.

      1. Tigra 07

        You're wrong envmod...

        "functionality and usability are what matters to everyone apart from uber nerds."

        My phone cost £20 more than an iphone 4 and has an extra 3.1 megapixels on the camera, can install what i want from where i want, has a better processor, can tether to my laptop if i really need to, and has a free satnav with it.

        And the tiebreaker is i can hold it how i want

        I would call that functionality and i'm not a nerd

        Now if apple is such a profitable company why can't they beat my phone?

        They have the resources for sure, they would just rather keep a slightly upgraded phone coming out every year at a higher price, and that's my proof up top because Sony Ericsson is beating them and the way they're going everyone else will

      2. Ben Rosenthal

        "shut up about bloody X10's"

        he said better features, not better specifications, although if you insist that it also wins on them I'm not going to argue with you.

  3. Gil Grissum


    Let's put it this way-

    If I heard that an iPhone 5 was coming in June of 2011 and would be FIRST available on AT&T and later available on Verizon, i wouldn't rush to buy the AT&T model. I would instead wait for the Verizon model. Some existing AT&T customers might not jump ship, but those who did and were disappointed by the combination of customer service and network performance, will surely bounce if and when the opportunity presents itself.

  4. JaitcH

    CDMA might beat Grip of Death

    I have found, in some situations, CDMA devices work in locations where GSM has difficulties, so this characteristic might minimise some of the compromises evident on the Lemon 4 GSM version.

    I doubt there is sufficient real estate to permit multi-mode, multi-band hardware to be incorporated within the same case

    1. Gil Grissum

      Multi-band, Multi-mode?

      If they do implement multi-mode, multi-band in the same case and the iPhone 5 works in Europe, then it's Goodbye AT&T for me. The choices of phone over at AT&T SUCKS!!!

    2. Lance 3


      The iPhoney 4 is a 3G phone. 3G in the GSM realm is W-CDMA. So, it does use CDMA technology and thus the grip of death will still remain. Verizon and AT&T both use the same frequencies as well.

  5. ratfox


    Didn't the persons familiar with the matter already announced the CDMA iPhone for last summer? I am not holding my breath...

    Then again, the iPad eventually ended up existing after years of rumours, so...

  6. envmod

    future boy

    i am from the future and i have an iphone 5. it's ovular and matt silver.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    At ATTs corp head quarters, I found that I had more signal strength on my Verizon phone (versa then Android) then people that had an ATT phone .

  8. John Tserkezis

    Oooh, the iPhone 5

    Is that the one that's capable of making phone calls?

    No, not like last time, really this time...

  9. The Truth might set you free

    What is it about the anti apple Trolls

    I was a guy that before I got my iPhone 3GS was just a text and calls guy; I thought the iPhone was an overhyped marketing piece of doodoo... Then I got one. And its brillaint.

    I don't understand why so many people seem to be obsessed with the "my phone is shiner than your phone". What people don't realise is that Apple optimise markets; my historical appreciation of palms, blackberries etc was that they were average phones and PDA's and terrible internet browsers - the iPhone totally smashed that perception.

    Also without the iPhone totally setting a new benchmark, would google have even bothered to invest to develop Android... look at Nokia - biggest handset shipper and yet their smartphonmes are still crap.

  10. Chad H.


    I too laughed at the iPhone... Surely, I thought, a device with so many feature holes could never work, it might be good enough for those crazy yanks, but not here.

    Then I held one my hands, and compared it against the supposedly superior winmob phones... And bought the iPhone.

    People complain about apple evangelists, but it always seems to be the apple trolls who shout louder and angrier.

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