back to article 3PAR CEO to run HP StorageWorks

It's not quite out with the old and in with the new, but it is pretty close. David Scott, outgoing CEO of acquired 3PAR, is to run HP's entire StorageWorks business. Scott becomes an SVP and general manager, and reports to HP Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking head David Donatelli. Yesterday, in an HP announcement …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Frying pan, fire.....

  2. Aremmes

    Migration path

    -- "We might see an importation of the EVA software environment onto the 3PAR platform, giving it an EVA personality."

    Given that the SOP for upgrading an EVA is to use Continuous Access to migrate LUNs, I'd hope that HP would only add the minimum amount of logic necessary to make a 3PAR system participate in CA, instead of porting that pile of cobwebs and dust that is XCS.

    -- "But the 3PAR architecture can be, and probably will be, pushed up-scale and down-scale, overlapping the mid-range EVA's capabilities more and more."

    What would that make of the Dot Hill-sourced MSAs then? Those always looked like a temporary solution while HP could find something else that they could maintain in-house.

  3. Nate Amsden

    no money in it

    HP doesn't make any money selling XP, their margins are much higher for EVA and the like. So it makes sense they went XP to go away. The only exception would be mainframe opportunities where the other storage platforms don't have the mainframe connectivity.

    That and of course XP isn't well integrated with the rest of their product lines, note that a lot of the management software and interoperability only seems to apply to the products in the XP line or, products that are anything but XP..

    HDS is in trouble for sure, the 9500 system falls short of where many would have their expectations given the amount of elapsed time since the USP-V. Oracle has ditched them, HP will ditch them at the first opportunity, that takes away a huge amount of customers. HDS can probably hold on to some of their existing accounts going forward but they will have a really hard time getting into new accounts.

    HDS reps are still confident though as you might expect, I came across a couple a few weeks ago at a local bar and they told me how they were GLAD that they split with Oracle, their viewpoint was HDS left Oracle not Oracle leaving HDS. They blamed incompetence inside Sun/Oracle for supporting their stuff and are much happier being direct with those customers.

    Which to some extend may be true, may be better support going direct but I still can't help but think HDS is in big trouble for new accounts going forward.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Which is kind of interesting as....

      HDS just OEM the arrays from Hitachi - they're two entirely different organisations.

      HDS is now a dinosaur looking to place their gargantuan products in a market that doesn't really want them anymore.

  4. Justin Maxwell

    Called it.


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