back to article Tony Curtis goes to grave with iPhone

Tony Curtis went to his grave packing an iPhone yesterday, his family have revealed. The veteran film star who famously said "I'm Spartacus" and likened snogging Marilyn Monroe to "kissing Hitler" was honoured at a public funeral service in Las Vegas yesterday. The 400-strong crowd at the funeral service thinned out to 200 …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    " big wheel Ron Jeremy."

    He's a big wheel? I thought he was more famous for his big.....&>^%#!$??^%$%&#



    1. Francis Boyle Silver badge


      You'[re right. That's not even remotely the right shape.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Sad but true

    I mean no disrespect when I say that it is the pantheon of vanity to be buried with a bunch of objects (c'mon, an iPhone!?) and shows how little some people understand about death (and probably life for that matter).

  3. Ball boy

    Come on - you've missed a trick

    'porn big wheel Ron Jeremy'? With respect to Tom Wolfe, surely "big swinging dick of the porn world" would have been a more appropriate reference to a man of his..ahem..calibre.

    okay, okay, I'm going.

  4. Uk_Gadget
    Dead Vulture


    A sad goodbye to another legend of the silver screen.

  5. Bonce


    ...but not for the right reasons.

  6. Fuh Quit

    Did he check in to Facebook Places?

    Nah, looks like he just checked-out....

    I'll get my coat but great respect to a great actor with a rather smashing daughter.

  7. John H Woods Silver badge

    Is that an App ...

    ... or a big sleep?

  8. a53


    Dd anyone remember to get the number?

  9. JaitcH

    He'll never make using an Lemon 4! Talk about a REAL Grip of Death

    Kind of sad people have to take so much worldly junk with them, but since it is America, death is a special event and worth billions annually to the burial biz. You can even find funeral directors / parlours on Twitter and Facebook.

    Just as well burial plots (holes) have to be lined with a special leak proof container so the poisonous materials in his Lemon don't pollute the ground.

    Boing-Boing has an interesting article on an usual aspect of American burials: < >.

    Still Tony Curtis had a good run with many memorable credits to his name, he really outlived (longevity) many of his well known co-stars. who included Frank Sinatra, Natalie Wood and Jack Lemon, Marilyn Monroe and Janet Leigh - who Register uses as an headline icon.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Battery disposal regulations?

    Presumably burying the iPhone violates some battery disposal ordinance and they'll be along to dig him up tomorrow.

    /Bad Steve for not making the battery removable

    1. ph0b0s


      Hopefully they removed the battery before putting it in the coffin....

      I just hope no-one really desperate to get an IPhone goes grave digging....

    2. JaitcH

      Worry not, burial regulations are extensive ...

      in North America.

      Into the empty grave is placed a large cast metal container, sans top. Into this is placed the coffin, Following the rituals, and after the guests have gone, the graveyard workers place the top on the base.

      The joint has a watertight seal, and clamps/screws, that keeps water out and the embalming fluids in.

      The the whole lot is covered by dirt.

      This means even an iPhone 3 couldn't make the calls, nor the Army's old C11 set. < >

  11. matt 115


    "rest in peace"

  12. Anonymous Coward

    If you reach the gates of Hell...

    ... Perform a U Turn immediately!

  13. amanfromearth
    Dead Vulture


    Is there any need at all to make pathetic jokes about a great actor, and by all reports, an excellent person.

    Show some respect people.

    1. Fuh Quit


      If you can't poke fun at the dead, just who can you poke fun at?

      Chill and have a beer, the guy was still an icon. And a bloody nice chap.

      Here's the beer I hope you raise to be as you stand there in front of my grave thinking about what Fuh Quit meant to you :)

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      re: "What??"

      Dry up already. Tony Curtis was a true star, and had quite a warped sense of humour. The only reason that people have to make off-colour jokes at his expense is that he's not around to do it himself'.

      Listen to the archive interview with him on R4's "Front Row", and you'll see what I mean.

  14. Octoberon

    Convince St Peter to open the Pearly Gates? There's an App for that.

    Actually, I thought he'd have been buried with his old MacBook. According to Apple, some like it hot...


  15. Anonymous Coward

    Missed something

    Did he remember to pack a charger?

    Always a bugger when you go off on holiday (extended, or otherwise) only to find that your battery's flat and you have no way to charge it.

    Perhaps he was just wanting to pull favours by wielding a jesus phone?

  16. Tom 7 Silver badge

    Imagine an eternity of

    chasing people around showing them how amazing your iPhone is.

    ''With this app I can see when they're serving cocktails on the yacht"

    "Have you got an app for Meh! Whatever?"

  17. Stevie


    The comment you report about his likening kissing Munroe to kissing Hitler is at odds with an NPR tape of him run on Friday in which he was speaking very fondly of Norma Jean and defending her acting chops in the most gallant terms in an interview held about five years ago.

    The guy was a halfway decent actor who loved young women and had the money to support that habit. Why all this vitriol is being spilled at his passing when his lifestyle was much what any bloke would aspire to is beyond me. Who gives a toss what he had thrown in the coffin with him FFS?

  18. W. Keith Wingate

    Wots dot?

    For some years I've been a user and something of an enthusiast for a log-scraping utility in Unix/Linux called "wots" which happens to have been written by an Austrian student w/ the unlikely name of "Tony Curtis".

    It was something of a joke around the various places I've worked the last 10 years or so and you'd be surprised how many condolences I received via email when the wots author's more famous namesake passed.

    I mention it lest someone whip out the dreaded "IT?" icon. RIP Mr. Curtis.

  19. Lars Silver badge

    Now I got a new problem

    Preferring to be cremated, how do I deal with my Nokia. Cremated too or just tossed in later.

    PS. I saw an interview with Tony Curtis and quite liked it, he seemed very honest about his life and problems.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Buried with an iPhone?

    Given the battery history of those things it'll turn into a cremation in a week or two...

  21. bugalugs

    Get Into Heaven App

    HEAVEN " how far can a swallow carry a coconut ? "

    TONY " do I know this gag ? "

    HEAVEN " no, no, you're s'posed to ask whether it's

    an african swallow or a european swallow ! "

    TONY " Oh it's you, Brian ! . . . "

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