back to article India claims access to BlackBerry comms

The Indian government is claiming that RIM has offered it access to instant messaging conversations within hours of a request, though access to email remains unresolved with time running out. India told Reuters that RIM has offered to provide transcripts of instant messaging sessions, with real-time interception available by …


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  1. JaitcH

    Not too practical: "Set the bomb off in 2 minutes" and India finds out 13 minutes after the bang!

    Sounds like RIM's solution isn't too efficacious as the time delay might be sufficient to let the bomb off and escape detection.

    RIM could solve the solution by having two (three including the Obama version) levels of encryption - low grade for India and other developing countries and high grade for the less nosy governments.

    Again, you can't beat software encryption contained wholly within a handset. RIM has proved that money (sales) comes before customer privacy.

  2. Steve Brooks

    lvls of encryption

    You missed the fourth level, none, for politicians and public servant so we, the public, can see what they are up to with our money whenever we want.

  3. Eden

    levels of encryption

    This still wouldn't solve the actuall issue of people setting up their own BES where they set it up as they please.

  4. Gis Bun

    Don't give in!

    RIM has a major problem: give in to these crackpot governments who want to spy/evesdrop on not only their citizens but any visitor in the country or lose out to millions of subscribers that they will lose if the vans come in effect.

    With a ban, any Blackberry within the country will be useless for most commincation. Without a ban [i.e. RIM caves in], those despot governments can check on business deals without your knowledge [you think they will actually need court approval? I doubt it].

    Sure those governments say it's a security issue. So let's say BlackBerries get banned, what stops terrorists from using some other form of communication? Encrypted Emails from an iPad? Soime other smartphone?

    The US [as far as we know] aren't asking RIM for access and yet terrorists have them in their bulls eye.

  5. Gwalachmai
    Thumb Down


    JaitcH: Come on, any respectable level of encryption, even "low grade for India and other developing countries", is going to take longer than 15 minutes to crack anyway.

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