back to article Symantec HackIsWack contest packs in

Symantec's hapless HackIsWack cybercrime rap competition came to a close on Thursday, with 180 entries. The rap competition had the worthwhile aim of raising cybercrime awareness, but will chiefly be remembered for the farcical antics on its dedicated macro-site, Interested parties quickly discovered that …


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  1. Daniel 1

    "a laptop running Norton Internet Security"

    So, in short, a laptop running absolutely bugger all else, then?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      hopefully it also contained format.exe


    2. Heff

      norton. FML.


  2. LesC

    2nd Prize

    What's the second prize - a laptop running Noton Internot Insecurity *and* a Snoop Doggy Dog concert?

    Mines is the one with the Abba tickets in the pocket.

  3. LesC

    Packs In...

    What's the second prize - two laptops running Noton Internot Insecurity and TWO Snoop Doggy Dog concerts?

    Mines is the one with the Abba tickets in the pocket.

  4. Robert Moore

    I think you mean

    I think you mean "A laptop running slow as shit!"

    "A laptop that is only useful as a space heater."

    "A laptop begging to have Linux installed on it."

  5. dotdavid

    "a laptop running absolutely bugger all else"

    Only someone who hasn't had Norton Internet Security inflicted upon them would call it "bugger all else". Indeed, it slows your computer down as much as only hundreds of lesser applications working in concert would be able to. Truly a wonder of software engineering.

  6. David Eddleman


    "surfers are entitled to expect higher standards of website security from Symantec-branded sites than from your average mom and pop website"

    Anyone remember how the "Hacker Safe" logos did absolutely nothing for security? In fact, for the longest time, XSS wasn't considered a security problem, and some 10k sites went exploited by XSS while still wearing the Hacker Safe badge? Give me a break.

    1. Crazy Operations Guy

      I saw it as a target

      Seriously those things where like huge "Hack Me!" signs, just waiting for some script-kiddie to pwn the site.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "a laptop running Norton Internet Security"

    ...for precisely as long as it takes the winner to fire up the control panel.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    oh no! not another @#$% user video upload

    i'm still nauseous from the microshaft bing video the reg wrote about some time back.

    tux because i'll only dare run windoze inside virtualbox.

  9. bugalugs


    In my hell-desk days, the cry " I've got the Nortons " was so common that one could spend weeks doing nothing but un-installing / formatting / installing_new_AV / failing to witness

    " insurance accidents " / etc. on lots of new machines sold with NIS as part of their bundle. Admittedly this was when dial-up was the norm and people just didn't have the 27 hours per day required to keep it " up-dated ", though I've seen little improvement since ADSL became more common.

    This " security " product is a Great Slander on the name of a wonderful ( British, as I recall )motorcycle marque.

    And the idio.. sorry, staff attempting to promote it via a dodgy web-site and a lyric-addled mis-spelling rhyme-rooter have the just reward of, count them, 180 ( wow ) suggestions. From the whole world. Wow.

    Badgers, because they would do a better job.

  10. Simon B

    loving everyones comments on this one :)

    Symantec wound up looking more than a little clueless. Symantec clueless? You don't say!!!!

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