back to article Samsung names Galaxy Tab launch date

Samsung's Galaxy Tab Android tablet will go on sale in Blighty on 1 November, the South Korean giant said today. However, it didn't say how much the thing will cost. Given that the Tab incorporates a 7in, 600 x 1024 touchscreen, 1GHz ARM based CPU with an on-board PowerVR SGX graphics core, a GPS pick-up, a 3Mp camera, 802.11n …


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  1. mafoo


    ...something more expensive than what apple sells.

  2. Chris Pearson

    The first real contender

    and it fails on the most important issue: price. No sensible person would pay extra for this over the iPad.

    Also the iPad has the apps, the android store really doesn't come close in 90% of the fields. And even when it can compare there's few that are better or only available on Android.

  3. Anonymous Coward



    Even the £600 is a bit of a liberty. That's only for the 16gb edition FFS.

    Sorry Samsung - reality distortion fields only work on fanbois. You'll need some sensible pricing, for sensible punters.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    if you listen hard

    you can hear the sound of the crash and burn travelling back in time since it was so big.

    £500 ~ £600 for a smaller screen than the iPad, plus all that crappy driod software that spies on you?

    Do. Not. Want.

    (For diod (l)users check out:

    1. PaulR79

      Do some research, and it's droid, not driod...

      I'm not going to argue about the prices being touted about for the Galaxy Tab because I think they're ridiculous too and I was really looking forward to it. However, the BBC are spreading FUD as usual with half-arsed articles that are available elsewhere with Google responding and stating that all applications state specifically what functions they will access before installing when they come from the market. Apps you install from other sources display the same information but you're accepting the added risk there.

      Do iPhones or any other type of smartphone have information on what functions your installed applications will use? I seem to recall a very specific incident where premium rate numbers were being pushed in ads. In fact I just searched for it and here's the link.

      You may say that isn't Apple's fault but then neither is it Google's fault if application developers pull dodgy crap. You as the user of the phone ultimately have to click install after accepting the permissions the phone will access.

  5. Ian Yates

    "Media Hub"

    Only for music?

    Did they look up the word "media" before naming that? For that money, you'd want the apps to be named sensibly. Weirdos.

    1. Steven Knox


      they tried to name it properly, but "Medium Hub" confused punters, who kept asking if they could get a "Large Hub".

  6. Piro

    So.. yeah

    Time for this to fail horribly.

    Only an idiot would buy a device like this on a contract when you already pay for a phone contract, and only an idiot would pay 600 quid for an oversized Galaxy S.

    If it was 250 ish it would have retained interest.

  7. Angus Cooke

    Dear of dear...

    I agree with all the comments so far (and I'm not an Apple fan, I have an HTC Desire and love it). This is a nice piece of kit and Samsung have an opportunity to really challenge the iPad... but no way at those quoted prices. I can't believe it's so expensive to make it warrants a price that high - a sensible price and maybe even a bit of subsidy on the initial sales would make a huge difference!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I pity those who stump up the money

    ...buying an expensive product that even Google thinks is a bad idea (Android on a tablet). Android seems to have become the weapon of choice for bottom-feeders, i.e. "we smell a valuable market, but can't be bothered to invest in our own R&D."

  9. Oliver 7
    Thumb Down


    When it comes to Android phones vs iPhones we put up with Android's little foibles because they deliver similar functionality at half the price (pretty much). In some areas (particularly the hardware) they have advantages.

    This is nowhere close to a competitor for the iPad, particularly on price! And a 3Mp camera??? Meh

  10. Piloti

    What ever happned to....

    ... the British I-Pad / E-Book reader thing that was touted around Dec / Jan ?

    I can't recall who made it, or when it was supposed to be released etc.... but, does anyone recall ?


  11. Neill Mitchell

    Phone pricing caused this

    Well, this is all down to inflated phone prices. If their Galaxy S phone (pretty much the same guts) is currently selling for around £450, they are going to have to sell the Tab for more or their phone punters (and investors) will say "now hang on a minute".

    No way will this sell in quantity at this sort of price. Crazy phone prices have come back to bite them in the ass. Silly sods.

    HTC and Samsung used to undercut the competition, now they've got a good chunk of the market they've just joined everyone else at the trough.

    When will the bubble burst I wonder. This is unsustainable, especially now everyone is in 18month and 2 year contracts.

  12. Santonia

    Hmmm, not good

    Problem 1: I was under the impression under sales regulations that it was effectively illegal to falsely claim a discount from an RRP where none exists. If the entire market is selling a product at £599, how is the Amazon price a discount from the "RRP". False advertising perhaps?

    Problem 2: a quick hunt around eBay will net several different Android powered tablets with a a varying level of feature-list. These cost from £85 - 150 depending on screen size. Now these are resistive of screen and most don't include GPS but is that worth a £450 premium?

    Samsung have made the fatal error of assuming that Apple pricing sets the market, oh no sir, Apple pricing merely sets the absolute upper limit of extortion, the actual market supported price will be far lower (see Apple Macbook v identical spec laptops, iPhone 4 v similar spec Android kit).

    Sorry Samsung, but this is a huge fail.

  13. Bynar

    They've failed already.... pissing off all the Galaxy S owners (that might have looked twice at one of these with its ridiculous pricetag) by missing the promised Froyo release date and by constantly failing to address the GPS issue.

    My advice - avoid, for all the right reasons.

  14. thecresta

    Oh dear...

    Oh dear oh dear...

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear...

  15. Bugs R Us
    Thumb Up

    I'd pay £600 (as will many others)

    As one who spends £500 every 24 months on an unlocked mobile upgrade, £600 for a tablet of this specification is good value.

    Yes, the iOS has more apps. But I only need one app to make fart noises, not umpteen variants. Android apps are more productivity oriented than most apps on iOS. I defy anyone to find an example, i.e. use case, of being able to do something on iOS that cannot also be done on Android (or even Windows Mobile).

    If iOS meets you rneeds and you're happy with the sqaure'ish form factor of the iPad, great. I prefer the rectangular form factor. USB support too.

  16. Elsie

    How much?!

    My 64gb iPad cost me £600 and from what I've seen of the Samsung I wouldn't be tempted to jump to Android.

  17. famousringo

    Price doesn't matter

    You know the fanboys will buy it anyway, no matter how expensive it is. They'll buy any shiny thing that Saint Jobs tells them he invented.

    Wait, am I missing something here?

  18. Fredlocks

    Has the whole world gone mad?

    I simply don't understand why anyone would pay that kind of money for these pad things when you can get a netbook complete with keyboard for less than half the price. And it can stand on a desk/lap unaided.

    What is the real benefit?

    1. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Has the whole world gone mad?

      Easier to carry around than a netbook (less bulky), the battery lasts a darn sight longer and it can play HD video, something a lot of netbooks struggle with.

      I was a big fan of netbooks as sofa-side grab-and-check-something-quick gadgets, but I find my iPad to be a far better alternative.

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