back to article Microsoft fits SQL Server 2008 with roomy second service pack

Microsoft released a second service pack for its ageing SQL Server 2008 product yesterday. The company said the update brings its database server software more into line with Microsoft’s current SQL Server 2008 R2 technology, which was released in April this year. “Service Pack 2 for SQL Server 2008 includes new compatibility …


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  1. deadlockvictim

    Sharepoint Integration — Too much is not enough

    » The software giant said the service pack allows customers to knit reporting services together with SharePoint products.

    O joy! Just what I've always been asking for .

    Besides SQL Server 2008 is not even 2 years old. I'd hardly call it 'aging'. I'm happy when my database servers don't change too quickly. We're still mostly using SQL Server 2005 and we are quite happy with it.

  2. JDX Gold badge


    2008 & 2008R2 are different products? I always thought "R2" was similar to "SP2" rather than something separate...

    1. Fuzz

      That's what they want you to think

      It's like server 2008R2 and server 2008 are different versions of the OS. 2008 being based on Vista SP1 and 2008R2 based on Windows 7.

      By simply calling it R2 people are much more ready to use the newer OS.

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