back to article Amazon one-upped in RIM tablet ebook duel

Although online bookstores Amazon and Kobo both announced support for the BlackBerry PlayBook when it was unveiled on Monday, Kobo one-upped its competitor on Wednesday when it said that its ereader app will come preloaded on RIM's challenger to the Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, et al. "We are thrilled to be extending our …


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  1. John Sanders
    Paris Hilton

    Seriously I can not wait...

    To have all that fun while eReading...

    Because it will be cheap, will have a 10" screen and will render my PDF's perfectly, isn't?

    Why is everybody laughing so hard?

    (PD: We need a proper IT fun icon... in the mean time Paris will do, because she's always fun)

  2. ratfox

    Who and what is a Kobo?

    Why did RIM install junk on my tablet? Delete!

    Now to install Kindle. Wonder what that Kobo app was for anyway.

  3. Richard Taylor 2
    Thumb Up

    My oh my - real time reading

    I always did hate batch reading, give me real time any day

  4. Tom 38

    Just FYI

    ISO 3166-2 lists 246 distinct country codes.

  5. Tom 35


    How about a standard portable (not locked to one device) ebook format?

    We don't need ten different formats.

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