back to article HP eager to replace brittle IT

The top brass at Hewlett-Packard – which became the largest IT company in the world two years ago and will likely stay there because IBM no longer cares for the title – want a bigger piece of the ever-changing IT pie. And they think they have a plan to not only do that, but also to grow the pie over the next several years. As …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Only one way the know how to reduce costs

    Be on the lookout HPES, just in time for Christmas we're bringing you and your families more arbitrary quarterly WFRs.

    The funny part is that there is so much dead weight in the company you could probably fire all the people that are actually doing real work (supporting systems/customers) and still not make the margins they're aiming for.

    If you're the last one out of the building be sure to turn the lights off

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