back to article Google revives dead Nexus One store as Android 'gallery'

Google has reanimated its dead Nexus One webstore as a place where you can comparison-shop for partner Android phones. Late Wednesday, with a blog post, Mountain View unveiled the Google Phone Gallery — "a showcase of Android-powered devices that deliver the best Google experience" — and it occupies the same URL as the …


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  1. Chris Wilson
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    Information is incorrect (Desire is on 2.2 now on most carriers - but they list as 2.1), and misses loads of phones - where is the Pulse & Pulse Mini and the excellent budget phone the ZTE Blade (aka Orange San Francisco).

  2. tom 24
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    So I guess this means Nexus One owners will never be able to buy accessories.

    When Google pulled the Nexus One store, they also removed the kinda-spiffy official dock and any other accessories. The official dock new in box now sells for quite a lot more than the original price... if you can find one.

  3. Levente Szileszky
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    Too bad it's a completely useless list...

    ...because a LOT of brands and phones are missing eg all Sony Ericsson Android phones (X10, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro, X8 etc) or the entire Acer lineup are missing, cannot see a single Dell one, nothing.

    Only HTC, Motorola, LG and Samsung? Yawn... very lame, Google.

  4. Charles Augustus Milverton

    It's a con

    There is a not a single phone listed that you can actually buy. Every link takes you to a service provider who only deal in what is the equivalent of hire purchase. For 24 months they have you by the short and curlies !

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