back to article YouTube accounts for 13 percent of mobile data

Video streaming now makes up 35 per cent of data carried over the mobile networks, with YouTube supplying 40 per cent of that, so the airwaves are filled with TV all over again. The figures come from the Allot MobileTrends report for the fist half of 2010, based on data passing through operators around the world with a total …


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    The way I see it is I pay £30 pcm for my mobile contract. That should include a reasonable amount of data allowance and voice minutes, sms and what not.

    I pay a lot less than that for my landline and broadband connection. I am sure it costs a lot more for mobile networking infrastructure, but you can't tell me they don't make shit loads of cash as it is so further price hikes just enhance their reputations as rip off merchants.

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