back to article Facebook staff get stuck into NFC

Facebook staff are getting NFC stickers to attach to their phones as the company joins PayPal in trialling Bling Nation's proximity payment system. The trial already covers Stanford University and the City of Palo Alto, and uses stickers with embedded Near Field Communications tags, as reported by NFC World. Now Facebook staff …


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  1. Simon Rockman


    The problem with an alliance of Facebook, Apple, PayPal and Google for NFC is that only Apple has a retail presence and even that's not a place you visit regularly. They'd need a major retailer - throw a fast food retailer into the mix and it gets a lot more interesting.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good news for phone thieves then

    No need to steal someones wallet anymore, now you can pinch one device that makes calls AND has money attached to it.

    Still, it's more secure than "verified by visa".

  3. Andrew the Invertebrate

    How long before

    Some enterprising individual knocks together a mobile reader to empty the accounts of everyone in the queue at the cinema as they walk down the line?

  4. Stone Fox
    Thumb Down

    this is not a title. No, really.

    Am I the only one that thought, "If some pickpocket lifts my phone on the bus / tube / high street" does that mean they can then go buy stuff with my money without needing PIN / signature etc"

    And yes, I would obviously report it stolen the moment I noticed but that could be as long as an hour and you can do a lot of spending in London in an hour!

  5. Kobus Botes

    Whoa!!! Hold your horses!

    A firm NO THANK YOU! from me for this technology.

    Cell-phone theft is already rife (at least, in South Africa) and people have been killed just for a cell-phone.

    Having cash attached to a phone will increase its value a hundred-fold (at least). Having already had to part with my phone in an affirmative shopping transaction (ie. it was forcibly removed from me in broad daylight in the centre of Cape Town) I certainly do not relish carrying one of these babies on me.

    A further problem is that ALL cell-phones will now become more attractive targets, as there will be no visible distinction between cash-imbued and cash-less cell-phones (unless, of course, the Bling-enhanced phones come in gold or with fluorescent stickers attached that says "Take me - I am cash and a phone!"

    This technology should be stopped dead in its tracks before people get hurt (unless they come up with fool-proof ways of preventing unauthorised swiping, which takes us back to credit cards, so where is the advantage?).

    Major major fail (or problems, should it become reality).


    no thank-you !

    Personally I would rather avoid all of these payment methods. I just don't want it. I don't mind using my Oyster instead of a paper ticket for tube and train, but I would not want to use my Oyster or Banking Card or Mobile for any of these payment methods.

    I hope we have a choice whether to enable this or not if it becomes fitted as standard into future devices.

  7. OffBeatMammal

    a Faraday Cage for my Phone please

    reading the latest William Gibson and ... well, he thought of it before I did :)

  8. Ef'd


    I would love something mobile and not touched by an overseeing company and allows me to visually understand how much I'm providing for goods and services..

    Oh wait, that's cash.

  9. h 6


    A phone using biometrics to ID the holder could prevent someone not authorized to use the phone from charging things to it.

    Or instead of entering a PIN the user swipes a gesture at the time of purchase.

    So let's see how it goes!

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Ummm ....

    ... Isn't this a PrePay service? So ... the only thing you're going to lose is the amount of money you've put on your sticker!

    I for one probably wouldn't put more than £20 on it, so about the same amount of cash I'd have in my wallet?

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