back to article Schmidt answers Google antitrust claims

Google boss Eric Schmidt has said that antitrust investigations targeting the company in the EU and Texas are "stimulated" by interested competitors and that — contrary to one of the complaints filed in the EU — the company's "Universal Search" setup does not unfairly drive traffic to Google services at the expense of rivals …


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  1. blackworx

    Mixture schmixture

    Someone ought to get Schmidt a ten foot inflatable red herring to throw around at these gigs, it'd be less crashingly obvious than what comes out of his mouth.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    hid for legal considerations...

    Sure, why let a little thing like privacy or the law get in the way of business?

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    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "Get int he way of business?"

      Um...we're talking about an American company here. Isn't it functionally heresy in that country to allow /anything/ to get in the way of business? Privacy, ethics, human rights, you name it? Pretty much to the point that they burn you as a witch for mentioning it? If some country has inconvenient laws…move your operations to one which is more pliant. If your customers start to grow the faintest glimmerings of a conscience then unleash the marketing department and get out the giant hammer of “patriotism” “fear” “terrorists” or whatever else is required to deflect attention.

      Why do you think the world has to keep relying on the EU to enforce common decency on American corporations? As a country they just don’t seem to have the same values as the rest of the world.

      Anonymous lest I wake up one day seated on a balance scale next to a duck…

      P.S. For the record, the comment loses ALL POINT if you don't actually tick the "post anonymously box." XD Hurrah!

  3. Steven Knox

    Antitrust investigations stimulated by competitors?

    Pull the other one.

    Seriously, when has that NOT been the case?

  4. Crazy Operations Guy

    "stimulated" by interested competitors

    Yeah, like the EC cares about that, proven by the fact that it was Opera that initiated the whole IE bundling thing.

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