back to article Apple iAds soar as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! sink

Apple's iAd mobile-advertising platform is tearing hefty chunks out of Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft's mobile-ad market share — and it has only been up and running for less than three months. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, info provided by market intelligence firm IDC indicates that iAd — announced in April of this year …


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  1. MacRat

    iAds Fail

    Clearly the failure the pundits said it would be.

  2. zanto
    Thumb Up

    of course

    as an advertiser, where else could one find a bigger collection of people who are relatively wealthy and most importantly, are absolutely fine with being told what they can and cannot do?

  3. Neil 7

    Nokia have almost 50% of the mobile ad market

    So how do Nokia fit into this? All predictions are that their current market share of 48% will stay the same or even grow[1]1 as mobile advertising in Europe is on the increase and Europe is where Nokia are strongest.

    Or is this just another US-centric puff piece focusing solely on Apple/Google by considering only half the data? It would appear to be so, in which case it's conclusions are highly unreliable.


  4. Anonymous Coward

    Re: of course

    "being told what they can and cannot do"

    I don't get this argument. I see a lot of trolls posting this kind of rubbish "I can't do what I like, Steve Jobs is controlling me".

    I have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone and an iPad. They work beautifully together and I have never once had to contact Apple or Steve Jobs for permission to do something on any of my iDevices.

    Can any troll who posts this diatribe explain what they mean by these statements?

    1. h 6


      Of course no troll is going to explain that. They'll just down vote you.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton


      Try to download a pr0n app on your iPhone...

      Try to browse a flash website with your iPad...

      Of course, you can answer you do not want to do any of these anyway, but it would be nice to have had the choice.

      1. h 6


        Who needs a prawn app when you have the Internet in your hands. Hello! You know what the iwebs was made for, right!

        Secondly, a friend of mine got one of those new HTC things and said his phone could run Flash.

        I asked him to pull up a Flash site I worked on, and it failed.

        At least he could play Homestar Runner flash vid. Whip-d-fukin-do.

      2. nation of stupid

        @AC 16:52

        "Try to download a porn app on your iPhone...

        Try to browse a flash website with your iPad..."

        Try to find a porn app for Android...

        Try to browse a flash website with your Android phone...

        Nope, those don't work either, so what's your point again?

        You might if you are lucky get the flash website working on the minority of Android phones running froyo - I wouldn't know as I'm still waiting for the update from my phone company. I might fix that though by rooting it, which is "being able to do what you want" just as much as jailbreaking an iPhone.

  5. Neal 5

    iLike the cut of your jib

    assuming of course that the developers actually get paid, and if so, on time. Or NOT. As many previous articles published by your esteemed rag point in a totally different direction. Of course ElReg merely points out these differences and has no direct control over whether iApple wedges out or no direct control over iApple's general policy about apps for iApple products , except other than to just fawn over the latest not needed gadget or its accessory.

    iExpect much criticism for my obviously non iApple attitude and iam sure the iApple fanbois will vent their iSpleen or iBile from their renewed iLiver in much igushment. Can't wait.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      No Neal...

      The sane people will just pity you. You make the assumption that the extremely vocal minority represent everyone. They don't. Ask Android developers how profitable that platform is versus iOS. The truth is that Apple are as evil as Google and Microsoft, in as much as none of them are evil at all--they're businesses and businesses exist to make money. Any good accountant will tell you not to pay an invoice until you have to and before you really piss the supplier off. Occasionally things slip. When you grow up, you'll understand this. So, you see, while there are actually only a few people that think they're clever with the criticism (iApple, really? crApple while unimaginative and desperately unoriginal, it can be mildly amusing, but iApple just doesn't make sense) the rest of us realise that life is too short and there are more important things to get upset about, especially silly little internet trolls who get all foamy in the mouth over what Apple or Google or Microsoft may or may not have done, and most actually don't care what you think either way.

  6. RegisterThis
    Thumb Down

    Wouldn't it be nice if the mobile add market shrank as a whole?

    Personally I don't want any mobile adds? Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo ... anyone ... zero percent share of a non-existent market would be far nicer news!

    (On the other hand, is this really news at all ... or just a reflection that Google, MS et al have zero percent share of the closed Apple eco-system for mobile adds to start with ... i.e. a reflection that iAds has 100% share of Apples eco-system?)

    1. Anonymous Coward


      The Ads eco system isn't closed anymore. And how do you expect those that develop free apps pay for that development? Out of the goodness of their hearts? Free (as in beer) is a nice utopian ideal, but it's just that--an unrealistic utopia...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Make it disappear... buying the pay-for version of the app then. The ads support the developer's 'free' release. If they don't have a pay-for version, find the alternative from a developer who does. However, I agree with the sentiment - the less ads I am looking at the better so, unsurprisingly, if an app does something I like or need, I buy it to get rid of them.

      Fwiw, iAds doesn't have a 100% share of Apple's eco-system. AdMob and others are all still very much used by developers for iOS (especially as iAds is not global at present), but they won't be for much longer if they don't offer better terms and ROI than iAds, which the last I heard was not the case.

    3. Giles Jones Gold badge

      Get your wallet out

      Remove the adverts and you'll have to pay for apps.

      Aren't you aware that's how most websites function? you'd be paying for all those news sites too without advertising.

  7. hahnchen

    Android has Flash

    The advertising revenue generated by Flash on Android is probably going to make more than iAds ever will.

    1. Jellyjazz
      Jobs Halo

      I don't need Flash. Look around this site, Flash = ads.

      "The advertising revenue generated by Flash on Android is probably going to make more than iAds ever will.

      And thats exactly why i'm glad my iPhone 4 doesn't have flash.

      I've never needed it, I never will.

      And if by some weird reason I did, then I'd simply install Frash via Cydia.

    2. nation of stupid


      This is the one good reason anyone with sense will make sure Flash comes nowhere near their newer Android phone.

      Although Android does have the advantage of Adblock Plus for Dolphin.

  8. Neal 5

    re anonymouse coward

    whilst you may have a point you think, your witycritty is just a reflection of yourself. try looking in the mirror, as for growing up, have the balls to post not using an anon coward, you're brave enough to talk the talk, but not yet enough to walk the walk.

    Now get off your high horse and drink your milk.

    1. Barry Lane 1

      Oh dear!

      I'm afraid that you have done nothing at all to argue your corner and everything to prove that Mr or Mrs AC was absolutely right.

  9. Tzael

    Reading the fine print

    It's not very surprising that iAds is eating into market share held by Google and other advertising companies. Look at the T&Cs for the iOS platform and the way Apple have orchestrated a scenario where iAds becomes the main viable platform for advertising on their hardware.

    Still, the more it's publicised the more likely we are to see changes to their T&Cs that will prevent the overbearing control they currently try to enforce over users of their devices. Hopefully the EU won't always have to step in to sort Apple out, but if need be we know Apple are capable of making an about-turn when faced with consequences of anti-competitive behaviour.

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