back to article Zeus botnets' Achilles' Heel makes infiltration easy

A security researcher has discovered a potentially crippling vulnerability in one of the most widely used botnet toolkits, a finding that makes it easy for blackhats and whitehats alike to take control of huge networks of infected PCs. The flaw in the Zeus crimeware kit makes it trivial to hijack the C&C, or command and control …


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  1. Martin 49

    I wonder... long before botnet toolkit 'providers' have their own 'Patch Tuesday'

    ..or maybe they already have.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    What colour hat[s] shall I wear today, says I to me and they to we.

    "Disclosure of this issue is a bit tricky." ..... :-) Now, that made me smile ......

  3. MadonnaC

    turnaround is fair play?

    Set the botnet to:

    attack itself.

    attack Zeus writes

    attack other botnets, and create an all out war

    uninstall itself (after downloading and installing all windows updates)

    install linux, and destroy the windows folder

    1. yoinkster

      Nearly upvoted you

      But then I read your final line and can't help but feel as though you were being serious.

  4. Tigra 07
    Thumb Up

    Now that's irony!

    Howe about using the backdoor to install antivirus on these peoples computers and then charge them for it?

    It's what they deserve, you have to admit

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