back to article Hitachi flashes updated top end VSP

Behold VSP: Hitachi has updated its USP-V enterprise storage array to produce the Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) claiming it is a single platform for managing block, file and content data. Hitachi claims the VSP delivers the best performance and capacity levels combined with the lowest power and lower cooling requirements. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    First! Coward!

    Just two minor corrections.

    1- It can support up to 247 PB of storage (but who's quibbling over a few PBs eh?).

    2- Currently only 146 GB 15k rpm 2.5" drives are available. Higher capacity 2.5" drives are 10k rpm. Hopefully vendors will announce higher-spinning drives.

    I may be wrong, but I thought EMC has not launched FAST v2 yet? What HDT (Dynamic Tiering) does now (block-based automated tiering)?

    AC - well.....

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Oh dear, today's presentation didn't sync with the technical presentation. 255 PB or 247 PB? That is the question.

    But again, I've never seen any USP V systems hitting 247 PB :P.

  3. Borneo


    They appear to have made big improvements on the software side of things, always something they managed to fall down spectacularly on. I never thought I'd see anything as bloated and clunky as EMC ControlCentre - until I had to work with Hitachi Command Suite.

    The hardware is never less than spectacular, solid as a rock. Wouldn't get much more than the door of the cabinet for $234,000.

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