back to article Pirate Bay appeal finally drops anchor in court

The Pirate Bay appeal will finally have its day in court next week, nearly a year and a half on from the high-profile trial that saw the four operators of the notorious BitTorrent site hit with a guilty verdict. The Svea Court of Appeal in Sweden will hear the appeal from Peter Sunde, Carl Lundström, Frederik Neij and Gottfrid …


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  1. El Pollito


    I noticed they're trying to get money together to put a Pirate Bay documentary together. I wonder now many people will actually pay for it, and how many will 'pirate' it? ;)

  2. Dennis Wilson

    Thieving gits

    They got all that they deserve. It was stealing. The high level corruption used to get that conviction was something else though. A judge that was in bed with the complainants. The senior investigating officer now taking money from the complainant. The verdicts was correct in every aspect, but the corruption was very out of order

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