back to article Microsoft injects more juice into Office Web Apps

Microsoft claimed yesterday that more than 20 million people have accessed its Office Web Apps service in the past 100 days. As a result of that attention, the company has responded to customer comments about the product and added some new features to its cloudy productivity suite. It’s added a tool that allows customers to …


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  1. Steve 72

    Well I can only say


  2. Michael C
    Go more thing

    now, if they could just crossbreed some of Live Mesh's DNA over to Office Web Apps, such that a file created locally is "mirrored" into office live, instead of treating it as a completely seperagte storage volume, that would be nice.,.

    I want to create a doc, disignate it individually (or simply by nature of what folder I save it to) to automatically be available online, sync locally to any machine I have authenticated on the account for off-line use on that machine, and have all changes sync back up to the cloud. If I edit the document through the web app, I want the changes synced to my local machine automaticaly.


    1. bygjohn

      At the risk of being flamed...

      ... as an Apple fanboi, what you have described is pretty much Apple's iDisk (part of what's now called MobileMe), if you turn on automatic syncing (it's turned off by default).

      I haven't looked at the SkyDrive before now, but all it's missing is direct access via WebDAV - add that and it's basically the same as the iDisk.

  3. Robert Forsyth

    They already have network drives

    it seems Microsoft are, in effect, just making their SkyDrive into another network drive.

    Microsoft have spent 30 years making operating-systems for personal computers, but now they are failing to adapt to impersonal computers.

    If your documents were stored as a XML tree, different people could work on different branches of the tree. Perhaps, different branches could be stored on different computers with a cache snapshot of the last version stored locally. Unfortunately, Microsoft Office is a collection of widely different applications bundled together: internally they have different libraries and data-structures to do the same thing from a user's point-of-view. You can embed one type of document in another, but both applications have to run to support the different ways the same data is stored. (KOffice have tried to share colour setting, font setting, shape drawing, etc. amongst the different document types. The different office applications could degenerate to template managers and template filters. It seems nonsense to have two separate documents: slide-show and brochure: about the same subject, when they are just different representations of the same data.)

  4. The Truth might set you free
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    MS Cloud / Local Sync'd Filestores

    Michael C

    The functionality you're after is in beta with MS at the moment - Live Sync its called....

    Up to 2 GB of your Skydrive is replicated on any amchine plus cloud.. It's actually pretty good (bar the small store size)

    1. Little Poppet

      quite good actually!!!

      It's 5gb not 2gb.

      Live Essentials 2011 was released yesterday and has improved integration with the cloud-based side of Live.

      I've been using Live for a while now and i'm quite impressed really. It's good to see MS finally linking and integrating all facets of their business: Office, WP7, Xbox Live, Zune, SkyDrive, cross-platform interoperability.

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