back to article Google responds to Czech ban

Google's Czech tentacle has responded to yesterday's move by data protection regulators to stop the company collecting any more images for its Street View service in the country. The statement does not address data protection president Igor Němec's main complaint: that Google failed to register as a processor of personal …


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  1. Thomas 18

    So, no word on why they didn't register as a processor of personal information then?

    Typical, respond to the points you want to, copy and paste some PR bumpf and ignore anything that you don't have an answer to.

  2. Neil Spellings
    Thumb Down

    Streeview bikes

    If Streetview is "about buildings and streets" why do they have bikes with cameras capturing all the locations that the cars can't reach?

    I was at Lands' End in Cornwall last week and up popped the Google bike with camera cycling up and down the footpaths .

    The temptation to push him off the cliff just to see if the image of me standing victorious at the cliff top would make it into the Streetview when searching for "bottom of Atlantic near Lands end" :-)

  3. Tom Chiverton 1 Silver badge

    not so high that it can see over people's fences

    How high ?!? It'd easily peer over mine...

  4. Lghost

    too bloody high

    I'm 2 metres tall ..and I can't see over my 2 metre high garden walls ..and here ( in France ) if

    I want to build my garden walls higher than that ..I have to get planning permission ..and give a damn good reason ..or they'll say "non" ..

    Keeping erics peeping tom mobiles out of my garden ( and all the innertube voyeurs eyesessess out along with it ) is n't in the list of "damn good reasons"

    Nor should it need to be ..

    And double decker buses can't fit down our lane ..( yes the French do have some old routemasters that they bought for rolling billboards )..which is also private and so they aren't allowed even if they could ..If google ( anything ..even a branded bloody googly cat ) with a camera stuck on it ever comes down here ..implements for firewood cutting are ready and waiting to make sure it wont get away ..nor take any pics.

    I 'll see what kind of sauce I could put with it and if it would go nice with a bottle of St Nicholas or a nice Bandol rosé ..

    va t'on eric... .je t'emmerde

  5. Joe User

    Did that statement require one shovel or two?

    "we have robust procedures in place to protect privacy"

    Pardon me, Google, but your credibility is a bit lacking of late. Your "robust procedures" were insufficient to prevent "unauthorized" software from collecting WiFi info while ostensibly taking pictures of the streets. Don't be surprised if people aren't inclined to accept your privacy proclamations as fact.

  6. John Lilburne

    Lying sacks of shit

    [Of course we also appreciate that some people might not want their house to be on Street View at all, in which case they can simply click report a problem and we'll remove it. ]

    I found that someone had linked a whole bunch of my photos to Streetview pages. Could I get the thieving bastards at Google to remove them NOPE NOT ALL ended up I had to break the links across multiple sites.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    "robust procedures"

    "we have robust procedures in place to protect privacy, such as face and number plate blurring and a removals tool."

    The removals tool is certainly robust - it thanks you for your input and then robustly ignores you.

    I'm not surprised to hear about their bikes riding on footpaths; they came taking pictures while trespassing on our road - you can see the "Private no entry" sign on their pics - but they're not bothered

    I do hope one of these spying scumbags gets his collar felt some time soon.

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