back to article Xerox joins HP in printing by email

Xerox will issue an email address to any Extensible Interface Platform print, enabling printing by email without requiring drivers or even a local connection to the printer. Printing by email was introduced by HP in June, but is still limited to three models of printer and (by default) relies on secret email addresses to …


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  1. Ol'Peculier


    Reminds me of happy days at Poly heartily screaming "it's next to the computer" when the Mac (plus? SE? not sure) would gleefully say "searching for printer"

    Happy days...

  2. JamesW
    IT Angle

    eh? this has been a feature of xerox's for over 3 years?

    we've got xerox printers in our office that have had support for printing via email since we got them - in 2007. They require no connection to the printer either, it just checks an email address regularly for print jobs.

    seems to be a bit of a flaw with the article ?

    also, there is no problem with spam, as you can set a password and limit it to certain users using it.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    "beam me up Scotty "

    there's something inherently wrong in sending a document to other side of the world in order to print it out on one's desk.

    NOT, if you have "beam me up Scotty ", capability on your mobile"

  4. Anonymous Coward

    All good whilst

    those "secret" email addresses remain "secret".

  5. jake Silver badge

    Back in the day ... mid-1980s-ish

    Amdahl had a largish facility just off Central Expressway in Sunnyvale (Cupertino?) ... Virtually every mainframe print-job generated within the company, world-wide, was printed at said facility, and then next-dayed to whatever office had requested the print job. They had several 10,000ppm printers, and a fleet of trucks delivering & sending out paper. Was awesome to watch in full-swing.

    However ... it sounded daft then, and still sounds daft now.

    I'll bet a nickle that whatever brass think this is a good idea also thinks that printing hard-copies of their email is not only a good idea, but the only way to read email ...

  6. An ominous cow herd

    This is not a title

    "...there's something inherently wrong in sending a document to other side of the world in order to print it out on one's desk"

    Yes, well, it's called faxing and has existed for ages...

  7. zaax

    I have an iPad

    Whats all this printing about? I have an iPad and I don't print

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down

      "I have an iPad"

      Blatant "I have an iPad" post.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Print from anything!


    Looks like I can dust off my old 486 / Windows for Workgroups 3.11 laptop, do a bit of word processing, and email it (using webmail on Netscape or a 3.1 mail client) to my printer without having to rely on HPs huge 150mb CD based driver install that takes longer to install than an operating system, installs their propreitary crap, and only supports XP, Vista and OSX.

    Type it up in Word 6 and email using any email client. Fantastic! :)

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