back to article Swedes brew up 18.5 per cent 'Ace of Spades Porter'

A Swedish brewery has concocted a tipple that packs an impressive 18.5 per cent alcohol content, giving the country's citizens something to conclusively celebrate in the wake of an a depressingly inconclusive election. The recipe for Sigtuna Brygghus' Ace of Spades Imperial Stout includes fresh figs, raisins, honey and almost …


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  1. Neal 5

    see here

    who needs a friggin porter?, make mine a half with a lemonade top please.

  2. foxski

    what about...

    Tokyo is all well and good but what about Sink the Bismark! also from Brewdog at 41%

  3. Andrew Moore

    Brewdog dog better than 18%

    Tactical Nuclear Penguin: 32%

    Sink The Bismark: 41%

    End of Days: 48%

    1. Just Thinking

      Nothing clever about those

      They are presumably fortified, probably with something close to pure ethanol to get it up to 48%.

      Any fool can pour spirits into beer to make strong beer. Why ruin two perfectly good drinks by mixing them together?

      1. Alan 6

        Nothing added, just taken away

        They don't add ethanol, they simply freeze the beer and remove the ice, so it's basically a beer cordial...

        1. Just Thinking

          I remember

          I remember trying the freezing technique, back in my home brewing days. Works OK, if you decrease the hops (otherwise it is very bitter). And a lot safer than using a pressure cooker and a length of plastic tubing to ... well that's another story. (Don't try that at home)

          Ultimately I didn't see the point. You can get to 12%+ using ordinary wine yeast. If you enjor beer, why would you want to drink a brew so strong that you are unconscious before you have finished your first pint?

          1. Ken 16 Silver badge


            "would you want to drink a brew so strong that you are unconscious before you have finished your first pint?"

            The answer's in the question...

      2. Naughtyhorse
        Thumb Down

        our survey said......


        thanks for playing here's your blanety-blank checkbook and pen and busfare home.

        from personal experience - bismark is proper no shit brewed beer, i thinkthere is something that sounds like freeze drying involved in the process.

        more a nod in the direction of applejack i suspect than say bunging antifreeze in cheap hock :-)

        btw it tastes revolting, hangs around on the palette for ever.

  4. Marek

    Strongest Beer.

    I thought BrewDogs "Sink the Bismarck" was the strongest?

  5. Charles 9

    You want overkill...

    Ask the Boston Brewing Company, makers of Samuel Adams beers (their standard-bearer is a lager, but as a craft brewery, they make all sorts). Where the overkill comes in is a rare little gem from them called Utopias. Last I checked, it is the strongest (in terms of alcohol % by volume) all-naturally-fermented beverage in the world. Figures vary (since it's different each time they make a batch), but it hovers at around 25% alcohol by volume (stronger than your typical fortified wine at <20%, but not as strong as the average liquor at ~40%).

    1. Aremmes

      New world brews

      This side of the pond also has the Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware, where they brew their 120-minute IPA, Fort ale, and World Wide Stout, all of which hover around 18% ABV. They also brew Chateau Jiahu, the world's oldest beer recipe still in use, based on residue from a 7th millenium archaeological site in China.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dunno about Tokyo....

    ....but Brewdog's "Punk IPA" is very very nice beer. Even with the "you're not worthy to drink this" stuff on the bottle; they're probably right anyway :)

  7. Jon Massey
    Thumb Down


    What is the point of this article? Don't get my wrong, it sounds like scrummy beer, but nothing revolutionary. Also, how does one miss out "Tactical Nuclear Penguin" (32%), "Sink the Bismark!" (41%) and "The End of History" (55%) when mentioning BrewDog's beer strength records?!

    </brewdog shareholder>

  8. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    I just had one beer officer


    falls over

  9. Hermes Conran

    I don't understand

    what all the fush is about!

  10. Malcolm 1

    End of History?

    18.5% pales in comparison to some of Brewdog's more extreme efforts:

    Tactical Nuclear Penguin 32% ABV

    Sink The Bismark 41% ABV

    and the limited edition, and now sadly sold out The End of History a with 55% ABV (Be sure to check out the packaging:

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Not done with normal beer yeasts surely!

      Or is it the freezing stages - removing water and thereby up the alcohol content?

  11. Jim 48
    Thumb Up


    That sounds gorgeous, hopefully I'll be able to source some from one of my 'dealers' ;-)

  12. Gianni Straniero

    Mine's a Kaliber

    My favourite Brewdog beer name is "Nanny State", which weighs in at a puny 1.1% ABV.

    Dunno what it tastes like, though.

    1. Paul Crawford Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      @Nanny state

      It is actually quite good, and not the chilled horse-piss one expects of a weak (in alcohol terms) beer.

      The Tactical Nuclear Penguin is also good, but in a 'dont drink too much' sort of way, slightly fizzy (due to the freezing process removing CO2) and a strong but not too sweet flavour.

      The Brew Dog promotion videos for TNP and Sink The Bismark are well worth watching!

  13. Andrew_F

    Is it naturally brewed to that strength?

    It's all very well naming stronger Brewdog beers but they're freeze-distilled, which always seemed like cheating to me.

    1. Chris Miller

      Sort of

      Traditional yeasts naturally die off as the alcohol content approaches 15% - traditional drinks such as port and sherry that are stronger than this have been 'fortified' by the addition of distilled grape spirit. This brew has had a secondary fermentation using a 'super-high gravity yeast' from the US which can go as high as 25%. What this does to the taste, I'm not sure I want to find out ...

      1. Charles 9

        Sounds like the same yeast...

        ...used for Samuel Adams Utopias. They mentioned breeding a yeast specifically to survive the higher alcohol content. Oh, and for good measure, Utopias is aged in barrels.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pah, water

    in comparison the stuff my reflux still can turn out!!!

    My best is 94% spirit...

  15. WonkoTheSane

    3Kg of dark chocolate?

    Not relevant unless you also give the brew batch size!

    1. Steen Hive


      Per Bottle, obviously! ;-)

  16. Mike Sallman

    DogFish Head

    And let's not forget....

    Dogfish Head 120:

    and World Wide Stout:

    Both around 18% ABV. And there are just a few hops in there too.

    Great beer!

  17. Gavin 2

    Nanny State

    My local beer festival, Engineer Arms (Henlow), had some of this last year. Think it was the only one they didn't run out of.

  18. beerandbiscuits

    Fractional distillation

    has been used by the Germans for a long time, without complaint - it's called eisbock. The difference is that the reason behind it has traditionally been to concentrate the flavour rather than to create distillate strength beers, hence eisbock is usually 10 - 12%.

    I haven't tried any of Brewdog's top end strength beers, so I can't comment on the flavours, but personally I would rather have a good single malt if I was going for a beer based drink at that strength.

  19. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    What a waste..

    ...of chocolate.

    Mine's the one with the bar of galaxy in the pocket.

  20. amanfromearth
    Dead Vulture

    Reg writers are prats

    Can you explain what the fcuk this has to do with the Swedish elections?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Seroulsly, you ARE

      having a laugh aren't you???

  21. amanfromearth


    "The recipe for Sigtuna Brygghus' Ace of Spades Imperial Stout includes fresh figs, raisins, honey and almost three kilos of dark chocolate"

    Pre-brewed puke

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