back to article GPU Tech Conference - Tuesday show recap

We had NVIDIA's Ujesh Desai give us a recap of the day's events at the GPU Technology Conference. He's the VP of product marketing for all NVIDIA products - we covered that topic in detail right off the bat. In the accompanying video, we talked about how the GPU conference has taken off this year, hit on some of the …


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  1. Marky W


    Got 30 seconds into the vid before the cringe-o-meter hit max and both testicles tried to reinsert themselves into my body. I hope things improved, but I'm not going to risk further self-harm by finding out.

    In summary: worst interviewer ever.

  2. danolds

    Damn it, Dad!

    You promised that you wouldn't log onto The Reg and rip me anymore. I'm going to show this to mom....and a real man would suck it up and risk the damage by watching me stumble and mutter through the entire video. Yeah, I'm bad in the first 30 seconds, but you have no idea how much worse I get later on. If you weren't such a baby quitter whiner, you'd know that and would have much more fodder to nail me on.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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