back to article Trojan poses as skeleton key jailbreak utility

Miscreants have created a Trojan that poses as a rumoured jailbreak utility for the latest iPhones. A utility reportedly in development will allow users to run software of their choice on any Apple smartphone, even those running iOS 4.0.2 or iOS 4.1. The greenpois0n utility takes advantage of a security shortcoming in bootrom …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    cue all the haters

    saying how even with the Apple walled garden, there is still malware on the iPhone.

    1. bluesxman

      cue all the anonymous cowards

      Posting frivolous, preemptive, flamebait, nonsense that they don't even believe in enough to actually put their [screen] name to. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. The Other Steve


      "saying how even with the Apple walled garden, there is still malware on the iPhone."

      Not a hater, love the iPhone, but if you do jailbreaky stuff there /is/ malware. The whole point of the so called "walled garden" is to prevent arbitrary unsigned code from being run.

      As for the actual sploit, can I be the first to say "hahahahahahahahhahahaha". Guess what kids, if you download arbitrary code from 'hackers' on the internet bad shit can happen. Lesson learned, move along.

    3. Probe

      I'm no hater...

      1. The malware is installed on windows not iOS.

      2. If you jailbreak you leave the walled garden.

      3. You can't even read a simple article and understand it.

      Have a nice day.

  2. Select * From Handle
    Jobs Horns

    Well der.... anonymous coward!

    when apple sell their products quoting "you dont need antivirus" what do you exspect... im leaving a comment in the hope that it will get through to atleast 1 or 2 of the apple fantards out their...

  3. Lionel Baden

    ♠ <- is not enough for a title

    The greenpois0n utility takes advantage of a security shortcoming in bootrom that may be hard for Apple to close.

    but in reality are programmed to steal passwords and install spyware onto compromised Windows machines

    Is this a trojan to unlock an iphone but infect a PC or it infects an Iphone ???

    im confused

    1. Jess--

      2 different things

      greenpois0n is a utility that claims to be able to jailbreak the newer iphones but (if I understand correctly) has not been released yet.

      fake versions have however been released which install the trojan on windows machines

    2. D@v3

      Re: Target

      I believe it is targeted at PC's but masquerades as the jailbreaker for the iPhone.

      Greenpois0n (when it is released propper) will be for jailbreaking, but this is an imitation which is a PC trojan.

      I also believe that, that is the point the opening AC was trying to make (all be it badly) , that anyone who would be claiming the this is malware on the iPhone is wrong, because its targeted at the PC by exploiting people who want to 'hack' their iWhatevers.

      1. Probe

        Anonymous Coward

        If that is the case then apologies to Anonymous Coward.

  4. Lee Chong Yew


    They should hold it off jailbreaking for 4.2 that is coming out next month. Since that will be the next version for iPad.

    As for jailbreaking, I've said this many times before, but the only reason to jailbreak for me is Frash. Do you have any idea how many badly designed websites are there out on the web that I need to get to? Over half of the pages I visit have a Flash navigation bar and don't or no longer offer HTML-only sites. I'll stop whining once the Biostar website's country selector screen (flash-only bugger) can be loaded up using Safari instead of having me go the convoluted way of searching for the motherboard model on Google and then clicking on the link from there. Oh, and file uploading doesn't work either. If I could at least use it to upload images to imageshack or flickr.

    Tux, because you can do those on Linux.

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