back to article Nokia knocks back N8

It's official: Nokia has delayed the release of its N8 smartphone by a month. Originally set to ship direct from Nokia at the end of September, with operators getting the handset early in October, Nokia's UK N8 pre-order page now says the device will arrive at the "end of October". Tweets from operator insiders and analysts, …


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  1. PaulR79

    Delay + delay + delay

    How can they possibly screw up this phone release any more? It's so far past the originally hoped launch date and after having a set date for a while now they push it back with only a few weeks to go. Damn Nokia, get your act together. Fast!

  2. LawLessLessLaw

    A month to ensure ?

    Sounds DOA to me

  3. Avatar of They
    Thumb Down

    Not surprised

    The youtube videos show it to be shockingly awful as a phone. Even if the woman is a little erattic in her hand movements, the phone still hangs, can't cope and fails.

    What we have come to expect from Nokia me thinks.

  4. Phil Edwards

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    "It'll be mid September".

    "Errr, no, early October for definite".

    "No, can't make that, but we'll definitely have it ready by the end of October".

    It's the N900 launch all over again. Even the promised / reneged on dates are exactly the same. My bet is that the N8 will ship from Nokia factories out to the retailers during the week commencing December 6th. There, I've said it. You can all mock me if I'm wrong, but I reserve the right to gloat insufferably if I turn out to be right.

  5. jamie 5

    To quote satan:

    Real Artists Ship.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Delayed because???

    They found a bug and wanted to fix it and thoroughly retest the phone before release.

    Why is that a problem?

    Or would everyone prefer a buggy phone?

    This phone has gone through an unbelievably thorough test program, but it seems nobody wants stuff that works any more, they just want it now now now, whether it works or not.

    Mobile phone are now so complex that the amount of software in them, and the integration between those software modules makes them very difficult to get right, and also to test in all circumstances. So most phone makers don't bother. Nokia have bothered. Probably too much to be honest, but at least they have tried.

    1. aThingOrTwo

      Is all this testing resulting in better products...?

      No offence intended, but this post sounds like it comes from an employee Nokia.

      They made a rod for their own back by announcing two dates and missing both of them.

      And I really doubt Nokia do so much more thorough testing than their rivals. Their phones ship with software defects and brain dead UI decisions.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    I think Nokia is slowly and surely sinking in the smartphones market. Just cant cope with the Android tsunami. Ornage today launched a £99 capacitative touchscreen andoid phone!

    Huawei IDEOS on the way next week. (also £99). How will Nokia cope with such buggy delays and high price?

    Time for the Dinsaur to fade away gracefully and remain a mass market Vanilla phone maker.

    My experiences with N97, SE Satio (both Symbain 60) have been nothing short of disastrous and stressful.

    Paris, cos even she knows when the times up!

  8. This post has been deleted by its author

  9. Neil 7

    Record number of pre-orders

    What is the possibility that there have been *so many* pre-orders, that anyone pre-ordering a device NOW (ie. today) will not get theirs until the end of October?

    And anyone who pre-ordered weeks ago will still get theirs at the end of September/beginning October?

    Does this constitute a delay, el Reg? Probably not - it's just responsible expectation management.

    As for believing without question that Nokia would modify the software weeks before the device shipped - are you freaking out of your mind? What software engineer worth their salt would be that dumb? Tweaking software that is about to ship is monumentally stupid, not to mention the several weeks of testing (at least six) that would need to be repeated.

    Fail icon, obviously - not for Nokia, but for this poorly researched article based on blogosphere witterings.

  10. Mike Richards

    It's a brilliant strategy when you think about it

    If they can slip one more time they can release the N8 just in time to steal the iPhone 5's thunder.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    What's the point?

    Maybe I have missed something but it doesn't look like it is going to be competitive anyway - having slipped back this far it is definitely going to be way off the mark. Nokia has lost this part of the market, and this is another pathetic attempt which shows that they can't do smart phones and need to stick to more commodity stuff - if they sold cars they would be Vauxhall, catering for teenagers, grannies and fleet sales...

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